Sunday, December 15, 2013

Arglefumph Bingo

Today, I'm reposting the card for Arglefumph Bingo! Watch any of my videos and see if you can get five in the same row, column or diagonal.  Might I recommend the newly-finished walkthrough for Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy?







Michael sings

Michael compliments the main character

Michael insults the main character

Michael shows a clip from a completely different video

Michael makes a pun

Michael makes up a random voice

Michael talks about a game other than the one he is currently playing

Michael apologizes to the viewers

Michael laughs

Michael cries

Michael says the same word three times in a row

Michael questions the plot


Michael talks with an accent

Michael explains a puzzle

Michael is distracted by something unimportant

Michael imitates one of the characters' voices

Michael becomes confused

Michael makes up backstory for the characters

Michael says, "Aw..."

Michael sarcastically compliments something

Michael says, "Oh no!"

Michael completely ignores the game for over half a minute

Michael screams or yells

Michael makes a mistake, then complains about the game


GameOverTown said...

This is brilliant.

That Crazy Lily Gal said...

Edit for I5: Michael says, "Oh noes!"

Anonymous said...

Haha!!!:) That's funny, Michael. You just made my day.:) God Bless you, Michael.:):):)

L said...

This is amazing. I must do this. =D

Anonymous said...

You always have the funniest ideas!

Jonathan said...

Does anyone else think
'Please prove you're not a robot'
i just silly why not please prove you are a human, does it mean you can be a dog? Does it?
Also nobody uses Name/URL you don't have to put URL!
(I am just ranting a bit)
Great blog.

Anonymous said...


Katie Nelson said...

HAHA Yep this made my day too!! except I'm going to do it for your blind playthrough for MED, heheheheheheh that means I can challenge my friends to a blackout version XD HAHAHAHAHAHA

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