Friday, November 8, 2013


My sister and her friends came up here for a camping trip.  When they were done, they left all their beer and vodka in my fridge.

So, to answer all the questions from yesterday, I do own vodka!  I haven't drank any of it yet, because it tastes nasty.  To be honest, I'll never be able to tell the difference between good vodka and expired, out-of-date vodka, since they have equally foul tastes.

Or am I confusing vodka with bourbon? Or scotch?  I think one of those is the one that tastes like fire and makes your forehead like you slammed it against a wall.  Either way, none of them come recommended from me.

Also, thanks to the anonymous commenter for his or her help. I, um, can't sing the choir music without looking at the notes every single second, because I don't know how to keep a beat.  Not when it's a capella music I've never heard before, which makes a bunch of time switches.  So I was looking at the music book in my lap 90% of the time.  Maybe that's why my neck hurt.

Maybe at next week's choir practice, I'll learn what it means when the conductor waves her arms around like Superman.


Walter said...

I've had a few glassed of whiskey before going to choir as a young one, but I felt fine.

Lynn S said...

I'm the anonymous commenter from yesterday. I have to look at the music too until I memorize it, so here's what I do - hold the music at an angle so it's almost flat, and hold it up so the middle of the page is slightly below your collarbone. Then you can stand straight, not bend your neck and still glance down to the music. You can also see the conductor in your peripheral vision. Hopefully everything will help you. It's not fun to feel that way. It's even less fun to actually pass out.

And it's funny how different tastes are. Vodka is the only hard alcohol I can stand, but I get flavored vodka and make mixes. And I still only drink about twice a year - the nights my finals are over!

Obnoxious said...

Michael, I would advise looking up an online metronome and using it while you practice at home. Using a metronome will develope your sense of beat, and enable you to better follow the conductor.

Here's a good metronome:

Here's a Youtube video about the abouts of conducting. It's written for the beginning conductor, but don't worry. It works just as well for a beginning singer. :)

I don't know if your conductor is planning on getting to this, but most choirs practice standing up. It's much better for your stamina and health.

An excellent article about singing posture:

So now that I've thoroughly bored you, let me hurl one last piece of advice at you.

While in choir - watch for the downbeat. The downbeat is the most important beat in the entire measure. Once you feel the downbeat, then you can subdivide (Feeling the downbeat is 1/1 time. Subdivide that into 2/2 time. Once you're comfortable with that, subdivide again into 4/4 time), and bam! You're counting.

Anonymous said...

You could try some mixers. A screwdriver (vodka and orange juice) is pretty alright. Flavored vodka is good too, like Lynn S said, but it depends on the flavor. A personal favorite of mine is sour apple. I really don't shoot straight alcohol, but mixers are good. The typical rum and coke (or even diet coke) is fantastic.

Christi said...

Keep the music up more. With practice, you should be able to memorize more of the music, allowing you to look up at the conductor more.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol is aged. You're not a drinker, but if you are curious, mix to taste with orange or pineapple. Put on a funny movie, prepare to laugh then sleep a lot. Or leave it in the fridge. It won't go bad.