Thursday, November 14, 2013

Update on Computer Stuff

I don't have any news about my broken computer.  I still have no idea when it will be fixed, when I will have it back, or if I will have any of my files still on it.

I recorded the first four videos of my walkthrough for The Silent Spy before my computer crashed.  I have the first video, because I edited it, but I don't have the other three.  I'm debating whether I should go ahead and try to re-record the other videos.

Because it will probably take me three hours to replace the half-hour of video footage.  And once I'm done, the computer guy will magically appear with my computer, meaning all my work will have been for nothing.

I dunno. Maybe I'll try making a short, filler video for The Silent Spy while waiting for my computer to return.  You know, like a two-minute video showing off all the death sequences, or a video showing off the easter eggs, or a video with all five flashbacks.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Michael. Just wait until your computer comes back to you. You are a person, too, and you are entitled to having breaks every now and again.:) Just do what God wants you to do and no one else.:) God Bless you, Michael.:)

GameOverTown said...

Yeah, take as long as you want Michael. Although now you've gotten me excited for the death scenes :)

Anonymous said...

YES! If you want...or videos of the music tracks for the game?