Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pope Francis Calls for a Catholic Poll

Remember last month, when Pope Francis met with the G8 to work on reforming the Catholic Church?  We've got an update, concerning that.

The Vatican has released a poll, which they gave to the bishops conference in every country in the world.  The orders are to release the poll to as many parishes as possible, as quickly as possible.  They want the input of everyday Catholics on a number of issues.

As usual, the media is only reporting on the questions that deal with sex, same-sex marriage, and divorce.  So the only questions we know of for sure include the following:
  • What is the value of the family?  What are the difficulties in the church's teaching on the value of the family?
  • Is the church's teaching on birth control accepted by Catholics?  What aspects pose the most difficulties in a large majority of couple's accepting this teaching?
  • What is being done for people who have chosen to live in same-sex unions?  For those couples who have adopted, how are their children cared and provided for?
The Catholic Church in England and Wales put the poll up on Survey Monkey, for people to fill out.  Right now, the US Bishops are sort of doing their own thing, when it comes to releasing the poll. This week, all the Bishops were in Baltimore, where they did a lot of things, including electing the archbishop of Louisville, Kentucky as their new president (taking the reins from the cardinal in New York, whose term expired).  I imagine the poll is one of the things they worked on and discussed at the conference.

The deadline for the poll is the end of January. This is being done in preparation for the extraordinary general assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which Pope Francis announced will take place next October.  The topic is "the pastoral challenges of the family in the context of evangelization".

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Finding the will of God in the opinions of churchgoers. How... protestant ;)

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