Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nightmare Adventures

My biggest under-the-radar success, in terms of video walkthroughs, is the video I made for Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison.  It's one video long, and it's gotten a consistent 2,000-3,000 views per month for over a year.

About 90% of the views come from people who are not subscribers to my channel (and only eight of them decided to become subscribers).  I just find it weird that this one video is such a minor hit, given that my goal in making this video was "test out my new recording equipment).

The views I've gotten on Nightmare Adventures has gone down this year, ever since the release of the sequel.  And since my regular computer is still broken for an indefinite period of time, I decided to go ahead and record a video for Nightmare Adventures 2.


Anonymous said...

That is strange. Take it easy, Michael.:) Okay?:) God Bless you, Michael.:)

William D said...

When the next game comes out, please, do record it! I really like this series and I can't wait to see what happens to Kiera! (Not trying to put pressure on chu or anything like that) I'd subscribe if I could, but Dad won't let me get a YouTube account... -sniffle-