Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Parents and Computers

While I'm home for Thanksgiving, my parents want me to do their computer stuff for them.  My reaction is, "No way, Jose."  I'm not getting anywhere near their computer.  Trying to do tech support for my parents looks like this:

Mom: How do I attach something to an email?
Me: Do you see the "attach" button?
Mom: Yes.
Me: ...Click on the "attach" button to attach something.
Mom: Are you sure?

You laugh, but that conversation repeated every week for months, because Mom couldn't be bothered to remember how to use attachments, or, God forbid, actually try doing it herself.  Eventually, I gave up on helping her, because there's no point in teaching someone who refuses to learn.  It was a huge fight in our house, and everyone yelled at me for being a mother-hating jerk who refuses to help other people.

Dad isn't much better.  He still doesn't know how to go to any website besides Yahoo.  To check his Comcast email, he does a Yahoo search for "Comcast email".  Dad ordered me to fix his computer, because he accidentally set his default home page to, and that is way more than he can handle.

Basically, I don't know why my parents own a computer.  It's like someone buying a car, just so they can listen to the radio.  I mean, sure, that's possible, but that's not what cars are for.


Adrienne N. said...

you are so funny! I literally just laughed out loud and my co-workers were wondering what was going on ;)

You gotta love our parents' generation and technology. I had many a conversation with my parents about how to work facebook. I finally had to give up too.

But then I am always curious to think about what our kid's generation will be like. I wonder if there will be the latest gadget/widget that we will have to rely on our kids to help us out. Hopefully they remember how awesome we were in helping them out. Hopefully.

L said...

Ugh, that's really annoying. If it helps any, I can relate. While my dad and I are good with computers, my mom isn't. She can post on Facebook, read and send e-mails, little things like that. But she usually tries to have me do everything else for her because she also refuses to learn. Things got a little better once I moved out because I wasn't at her constant beck and call, but now when I'm over she tries to have me do stuff (or she'll text/call me during the week with "emergencies" such as she can't get on Facebook because the Internet is down).
You're right though--if someone refuses to learn, they'll insist on having you do it all for them, and there is no point in attempting to teaching them how to do it themselves.

C said...

Totally understand. My mom is incredibly technologically challenged, and it's so annoying. I help her when she asks for it, but it's always for the same things, over and over AND OVER again. She also bought herself a smart phone, which she absolutely DID NOT NEED because she DOES NOT KNOW how to use the dang thing.

William D said...

Ahhh, yes, my mother is NOT technology oriented ^^"
Her: How do you open up Email... o -o
Me: o -o -facepalm- You double click the short-cut...
Her: Double click... o -o What dat?
Me: o -o -grabs mouse and hits the left bit twice- There you go...

Anonymous said...

Poor you Michael! They shouldn't be so mean to you...

And that's why I prefer to replay a Nancy Drew game and just hang out with 'Big Island Mike', silly Rentaro, Crazy Harper Thornton... (Or her sister, the spooky hallucination/ghost.)

...Ya' know, instead of having others be mean to yo- ...I mean, uh, having 'real' social contact.

By the way, I'm having to teach my grandmother how to use her computer.
Granny: Why does the machine refuse to turn on?
Me: I don't know... *snorts with laughter* I don't blame it though -you did leave it on for three solid weeks!
Granny: Well! I never- that is to say I, I, I... It is not in any way MY fault! Nobody ever showed me how to turn it off!
Me: But... The off switch is right here. And you could have unplugged it if needed.
Granny: Hurrrumph! *face goes angry and red*

3 weeks later...

Me: Yes! I finally got your computer to turn on Granny!
Granny: Well, it is certainly about time you did.
Me: So... What do you want to do first?
Granny: I want to write a letter.
Me: A letter? Oh, you mean an email?
Granny: Yes, yes, yes, now what do I do?
Me: Okay, first thing we gotta do is open up your browser, and go to-
Granny: -Wait... Why are you moving the strange round object? I do wish you would stop, it is causing a little white thing to move around on the screen. It is terribly distracting.

True story.

Justice said...

I know the technological "generation gap" is a common thing, but it's actually not entirely true in my family. My dad is more tech-savvy than I am. My mom, meanwhile, sometimes comes dangerously near to fitting into the "clueless" stereotype, but then there are times when she rather surprises me with her ability. One of our computers got a virus the other week, and she used a different PC to Google the problem and figured out how to remove the bug without any help from me.

Breanna;) said...

I'm not gonna even talk about my parents and a computer!!

Well lets just say, it's the funniest thing on earth!! ;)