Saturday, November 9, 2013

More on Abortion

Here's a followup to my blog post last Saturday about abortion. I'm really fascinated by the comments people make, even though the comments are usually made up of people disagreeing with each other.

The Planned Parenthood in Portland has different procedures on different days. For example, they will have breast cancer screenings all day Tuesday, pap smears on Wednesday, and Thursday is when they have abortions. The schedule changes from week to week, presumably depending on the availability of the doctors who work there.

I've been there on pap smear day, and I've been there on abortion day.  The atmosphere is completely different on those two days, as are the women who enter.

I was there the day before Halloween, and by coincidence, that happened to be a day when they perform abortions.  I couldn't help but notice that every woman who came for an abortion walked into the clinic alone.  In fact, there was only one woman that day who came to the clinic with a second person. He was a man, and he was not the father of the baby, but he was there to support his girlfriend and her decision during that difficult time.

I thought that was very admirable of him.  Even if I don't completely agree with his decision, I can appreciate the fact that he put his loved one first.  Personally speaking, I have no idea how I would react if I found out my girlfriend was pregnant with someone else's baby.

But where were all the other men that day?  What happened to all the fathers of the children who were aborted?  I can't believe that all the men in Portland are deadbeats, nor can I believe that all the women in Portland make horrible choices when it comes to sexual partners. So why were all the women that day alone? I know the culture in Oregon teaches that abortion is 100% the woman's choice and no one else's, but does that mean the man can't or shouldn't be involved at all?


Anonymous said...

There could be any no. of reasons why women went alone to the clinic.

1) They went for abortions secretly without letting their loved ones know about it due to many reasons eg. she was having an affair, she was afraid to let her parents know as she is underaged etc.

2) She could have told her loved ones about it but they chose NOT to support her in her time of need as they might have been angry, upset, etc.

I do agree though that the father of the unborn child should have a say in this but if he doesn't care, its ultimately up to the mother to decide.

Christi said...

The abortion industry loves men to be involved. Until they say that they're against abortion. Then they don't matter one bit.
That's the point where only the women matters. Why? Because she's the one carrying the child. Even though it takes two to tango (meaning that she wasn't the only one who created that child).

Anonymous said...

That's so sad!!!:( God and Mother Mary must cry during times like these. God Bless you, Michael.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, without knowing these women’s minds, nobody will ever know what brought them to this point in their lives. They could have been raped. They could be sex workers. They could have battering husbands/boyfriends, and maybe they want the baby, but the woman doesn’t want to bring a child into a household where he/she will be abused just like them. Maybe they don’t even have enough money to feed themselves every day, let alone another mouth in the household, and don’t want to watch their baby starve to death over several months, or be taken away by the state and placed in a possibly abusive foster home away from them.

Because I don’t know what has brought these women there, I will not judge them, or presume to know what God thinks of them. They have reasons to be there, and if I could, I would support them through it. Nobody goes to have an abortion for fun or because they are bored. There are reasons, and I think we, as a society, instead of judging and condemning these women, need to work harder to understand these reasons and help these women through them.