Monday, November 25, 2013

MLP - Season 4 Premiere - Part 2

Okay, Part 2 of my review for the Season 4 premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Anonymous from yesterday, those flashback sequences were total filler.  The only relevant flashback was the one about the Tree of Harmony.  Nightmare Moon's creation had nothing to do with the plot, and Discord's defeat was only tangentially related.

Anyway, fans love everything their favorite show does, at the same time they criticize all the show's flaws.  So here's all the good stuff about the premiere:
  • New title sequence? Yes, please!
  • So what if the first part is long? It covers all the necessary information that was left out of last season's finale.  Now we officially know how Twilight's transformation has affected her life, her relationship to the other characters and so on.
  • I appreciate that Twilight needs to adjust to her new life. The finale made it seem like she unrealistically fell flawlessly into her new role.
  • The sequence of the evil plants taking over Ponyville was well done.  You could argue that the plants do a better job of creating an imposing presence than some of the talking villains.
  • Um...why does Zecora have a jar of Flashback Potion that can only be used by one particular person? That doesn't seem like a useful thing for her to keep around at all times.
  • The Nightmare Moon stuff was well-animated and very cool.  It's nice to finally see how she turned evil and how she got defeated.  Given that her reign of terror lasted approximately two minutes, though, I'm not sure why the country has two national holidays centered around her defeat.
  • The Elements of Harmony looked a lot different a millennium ago. Okay, I can accept that.
  • Discord was overly antagonistic in these episodes, considering that he's supposed to be a good guy now.
  • Seriously, Twilight cries when her friends suggest splitting up.  Why do they all reluctantly agree to go along with it?  Doesn't anyone see that it is hurting their friend's feelings?
  • So...Applejack is the group leader when Twilight isn't around?  Okay, then.
  • It looks like they're setting up for a season-long story arc!  Um...they tried that last season, and it didn't really work.  But it worked well in the first season, even if it was just a three-episode arc. This one looks like a six-episode arc, one for each character.

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