Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Loulou's Magic Word Game

Over at the Nancy Drew blog, Little Jackalope wrote a piece on the locked drawer in Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger.  For some reason, even though they decided what was inside the drawer, the key to the drawer didn't make it into the game.

Speaking of things that didn't make it into the games, let's talk about Loulou's magic word puzzle in Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor.  In that puzzle, you tell Loulou a word, and she tells you the word that goes with it.  Occasionally, she demands that you bake her a cake, before she'll tell you the next word in the sequence.

On both junior and senior detective modes, the sequence of words is this:

Magic Word = Loulou is very, very clever and beautiful bird
Barber = Leech
Picture = Book
Baby = Bonnet
Hour = Glass
Ant = Hill

If you look around in the audio files folder for the game, you can find some unused clips of Loulou giving clues for the magic word puzzle. Here's a transcript of those files:

LLG64: Old. Sonnet. Sonnet. Old. Ha ha!
LLG65: Dear little kitten, she lost her mitten!  She lost her mitten!
LLG66: Newton? Apple! Newton and the apple!
LLG67: Bzzzz!  Busy as a bee! Busy as a bee!
LLG68: Your word is milk. Loulou's word is bottle. Milk bottle! Milk bottle!

I'm guessing that the magic word puzzle was originally going to be ten words long, but they decided to cut it down to five because the puzzle was too lengthy.  Or perhaps there was going to be a different set of words used, depending on whether you were a senior or junior detective.

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