Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kids and Computers

Yesterday, I talked about my parents and computers.  On the opposite end of the spectrum from old people who can't use computers, you have young people.

The little kids (six years and under) have a limited knowledge of computers and technology, mainly because not all of them can read.  So instead of learning how to properly work an iPad or whatever, they learn how to make it do the one thing they want.  For some kids, that's "play Temple Run".  For others, it's "watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

Dad is just like a little kid, in this regard.  The one thing he cares about is sports scores and updates.  He can get them on his iPhone in ten seconds flat, no problem.  With everything else, he's clueless.  That's slightly frustrating.  He can do one (somewhat complex) thing perfectly on his phone, but he can't apply those skills to working any of the other phone's abilities.

Here's another weird thing about my parents.  They don't know how to send text messages on their phones.  They only know how to send video messages.  So when they want to text me, they send me a video message with text attached, without a video.  Someone needs to tell them that they can send a text message by itself, rather than sending it through the video message program.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... I wonder who...

I know! Get Carson Drew to explain text messages to your parents! He does so much for his daughter, why shouldn't he do stuff for one of the people PLAYING his daughter?