Sunday, November 3, 2013

Impromptu Livestream

Yesterday, I spent three hours, working on a text walkthrough for Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy.  For fun, I decided to show the entire thing live on the Internet.

It was pretty different from my normal live gameplay streams, because I kept switching back and forth between the game and the Word document. And I kept replaying the same parts of the game over and over again, to make sure I had everything in the correct order.

The first part of the game is pretty structured, in that you have to do things in a specific order.  For example, you can't leave Nancy's room before looking at the case file, you can't go to Bearsden until you know why, you can't leave Moira's house before getting the key to a place in Loch Lomond, and you can't get to Cathedral HQ before unlocking the computer in the safe house.  After you first meet Ewan, though, you can basically go anywhere at any time.

Most of the video was me typing into a Word document, so I played ragtime music in the background to make things more interesting.  I think people liked that.  Except for classical symphonies and the like, it's rare to hear songs which are nothing but music.

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Anonymous said...

"it's rare to hear songs which are nothing but music"

Tell that to my New Age music phase I went through when I was 12 years old ...