Monday, November 18, 2013


YouTube has completely redone its comments section. If you want to leave comments on a video (or in my case, remove comments), you need to first sign up for Google+.

Google+ is Facebook's annoying younger brother. He's desperate for attention, and his attempts to be as popular as his big bro seems to make people hate him all the more.

I have not signed up for Google+ yet.  I'm hoping that this experiment by Google will crash and burn, and I can resume dealing with YouTube comments on YouTube.  Seriously.  Logic. YouTube stuff belongs on YouTube.

This is also the same strategy I am using for Obamacare.  I'm told that there are still major issues with the Obamacare laws, which is kind of surprising.  It's been in the final planning stages for over a year; you think all the problems would have been resolved by now. Maybe they should delay it for half a year, while they work out all the kinks.


GameOverTown said...

I know what you mean. I HATE Google Plus. It's a complete failure as a knockoff of Facebook. When someone does anything to one of my videos, I get an alert AND and email. It's insane. And I only have 49 subscribers, I can't imagine how many alerts YOU would get if you were connected to G+.

Although I hate Google Plus, Bob and his tank aren't doing any good. Bob is just about as annoying as Google Plus.

Anonymous said...

I do have Google+, but I rarely use it. Unfortunately for you, YouTube is owned by Google, so the best solution is to just leave the comments alone. However, I think you can opt out of email alerts from Google+, so maybe that can make things easier for you.

Anonymous said...

So that is what Google+ is? I feel out of the loop. :P but those are annoying on the comment sections, I agree.

Justice said...

Not to sound like a yes-man (or in this case, girl), but I completely agree with you, Michael. I've had a YouTube account for about three years, just a small affair which I use more to make music playlists (and to keep track of particularly interesting videos I find) than for uploading or commenting. I finally joined Google+ a little more than a week ago, feeling forced to by the fact that any new comments on my vids would no longer show up in the YT inbox. I'm still hoping (in vain, I'm sure) that Google will listen to the backlash and put the comments system back where it belongs. If they do anything else to try and integrate separate social networks, I'll probably terminate my account altogether, since one reason I liked it to begin with was the relative privacy one could have.

Ditto GameOverTown's observations about "Bob". The first time I saw him, it was funny, but no joke gets better with such endless repetition.