Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blog Plans

Yesterday, I mentioned some possible projects I could take up on this blog, but I'm going to throw them out because somebody had a better idea.  I'm going to take this recap of Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor and turn it into a parody story.

My other Nancy Drew parody stories took forever to write, because I wrote the stories and played the games at the same time.  This time, though, I think I remember enough of the game to not need a replay.  I already remember way more than I want to about Blackmoor Manor.  For example, here is the opening letter of the game, according to my memory:

"Dear Ned,
Greetings from jolly old England! Only right now, I'm not too sure about the 'jolly' part. That's because I'm off to visit Blackmoor Manor, where the daughter of one of our neighbors is living. The daughter, whose name is Linda, recently married Hugh Pennvelyn, a British diplomat.  Something something the wedding, she's practically bedridden, and nobody seems to know why.  Hugh travels a lot, so the only other people at the manor with Linda right now are Hugh's aunt, Mrs. Drake, and Hugh's twelve-year-old daughter, Jane.  So, here I am, about to be dropped at a centuries-old dark, foggy moor.  I can't tell if the butterflies in my stomach are because I'm excited, or just a tad creeped out.
Talk to you soon (I hope),

Yeah, my memory is surprisingly accurate when it comes to that part.  In contrast, here is all I remember of the opening letter to Danger on Deception Island:

"Dear [name],
Something something Katie Firestone something something whales.  Bicycle safety is important, and so is brushing your teeth.


Anonymous said...


Thank you, thank you, thank you Michael Gray! You have made me the happiest anonymous commentor in the history of FOREVER!

Also, thank you for being a a good, clean, funny fanfiction author in an internet of dark and dirty stories.

And for your videos and the effort put into making sure they're high quality, entertaining, helpful, uploaded frequently, and for speaking so clearly in each one.

Thank you for your blog, I love reading about almost ANYTHING you'd have to say.

Thank you for things like your posts on game cola -my favourite is Fabricated news.

Thanks for all those guides you put SO much effort into... But often go unnappreciated.

And... I know this might make me seem kinda cheap... But you and your videos were the bright, happy spot during the puberty years of a teenage girl. Me. You, in a way, saved me from suicide. Something that I know God would not want.

So, thank you once again Michael, for reminding me that there are still good people in this world!

Sammy said...

I can only do that for Secret of Shadow Ranch...

Dear Hannah,
Well, I made it to Shadow Ranch, but I'm afraid all is not well. The Rawleys, (the people who own the ranch) were called away on some sort of emergency. They had Dave Gregory-he's their foreman. Pick me up at the airport..." (I'll stop there..)

I think I also know Deception Island's pretty well, but probably not word for word like Shadow Ranch.

GameOverTown said...

...reminds me of your reading of the Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED letter; "That's a nice letter to get from your daughter: Dear Dad, I'm off to solve a murder mystery. Bye!"