Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Church Reform

So, the United States political system is looking bad now.  Let's talk about a different government in need of reform.  Specifically, the Catholic Church!

On October 1-3, Pope Francis is meeting with the G-8, or as I like to call them, "Pope Francis and the Reform Crew". Pope Francis has already stated that the group will not be a one-time-only thing, and they are going to help him govern the church and reform how things work in Rome.  Reforming the Vatican bureaucracy was one of the major issues that was brought up multiple times, during the meetings that were held before the Pope's election.

The group is not limiting itself to Roman issues alone.  One issue they intend to tackle is "how the Catholic Church handles divorced/remarried Catholics".  I'm told this issue has been really bad in the United States, ever since the country changed the definition of marriage to allow for divorce.  The new American laws didn't fit with the Church laws, and it apparently is a big mess that still needs to be cleaned up.

What other issues are they going to tackle?  Well...there are a lot.  People have submitted over 80 documents/proposals for the group to look at. On top of that, I'm sure that the group members have their own ideas and issues that they will bring to the table.

This is a closed meeting.  Only the Pope, the eight cardinals and a secretary (Bishop Marcello Semeraro) will attend.  Most likely, we won't ever learn what happened at the meetings; we'll just find out the results.  I'm excited for this, even though the possible discussion topics that have been suggested so far don't personally affect me.

I should note that we don't know when/how the results of the meetings will be made public.  Obviously, that depends on what changes the group wants to make. Please pray for Pope Francis and the G-8, that they may be led by the Holy Spirit to make the correct decisions!


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of excited too, but I'm also dissapointed how hush-hush they're being. You're right that we'll find out the results, but not what was said, or how they came to their decisions. I wish religious organizations were more transparent. If they were, I might trust them more. I have beliefs, but I don't like like or trust religion (if that makes sense)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Michael, for letting me know.:) I will pray to the Holy Spirit that they make the right choices!!:):) God Bless.:)