Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Note On Proof

When I first moved to Oregon, I tried to get an Oregon driver's license.  The Oregon DMV refused to give me a driver's license, until I proved two things.

1. That I am, in fact, Michael Gray.
2. That I do, in fact, live in Oregon.
Most people don't want proof of these things; they take me at face value when I say that I am Michael Gray, and I live in Oregon.  In fact, in order to vote, saying that you a registered voter is all the proof you need.

To prove that I was not a Michael Gray impersonator, I took out my California driver's license.  The DMV did not accept that as a valid ID.
They also did not accept the fact that I was in an Oregon DMV as proof that I live in Oregon.  They did not accept my credit card records or receipts.  Mail sent to an Oregon address with my name on it would not count as proof, and in my particular case, they would not accept a letter from my landlord, stating that I live in the house I rent.

The moral of the story is that what you consider to be "valid proof" varies from person to person.  You might want to keep this is mind, as I discuss the proofs for the existence of God.  Odds are that you will like some of them, but not others.


GameOverTown said...

You should have just showed them your video walkthroughs for ID, perhaps the best choice would have been the Oregon Trail walkthrough you did.

Anonymous said...

I usually get very annoyed with your comments, GameOverTown, but I admit I cracked a smile at that.

There's a difference in proving you are Michael Gray, and proving that you are not a Michael Gray impersonator.

It's stupid that they didn't accept some of those things. I guess they wanted a SS Card or birth certificate? That's pretty standard, though ...

C said...

"The moral of the story is that what you consider to be "valid proof" varies from person to person"

So what is YOUR definition of valid proof? I told you mine. Tell me yours, since we're proving God here by your standards.

Anonymous said...

ok that's dumb but,GameOverTown has a point:].

Katie Nelson said...

To me valid proof would probably be a birth certificate for ID. Now for living where you live, I don't know, maybe while your at the court ask them lol.