Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. So, what's up with professional photographers, now that everyone has phones which take pictures?  Like, do they even have jobs anymore?

My photographer friend loves to make fun of iPhone cameras, because they only have eight megapixels.  Eight megapixels!  Ha ha ha ha ha!  I don't understand the joke at all, because I don't know what a megapixel is.

2. Why don't I have a camera?  Last time I checked, they cost over $300, and the only thing they can do is take pictures.  For that kind of money, a tablet with a built-in camera is much more useful.  Heck, buy a 3DS!

But here's a question for all you people with fancy digital cameras.  Do they automatically sync up to your computer?  Back in the 90's, the only way to get pictures off a digital camera was to use a super-weird USB cord which only worked with a special program that required a CD to be in the CD-ROM drive.  My parents (and various other older people) could not figure it out, and so they just looked at the pictures on the tiny screen on the back of the camera.

...Actually, I'm pretty sure my parents still don't know how to get digital pictures off of a camera and onto a computer. Mom just uses the photo printing booth at Costco, because it does all the work for her.

3. Every now and then, I hear about people who become rich, by robbing the poor.  I never studied finance in school, but...isn't that a bad business strategy?  If you want to become rich, the easiest way to do it should be robbing rich people.  At least, that's what I learned from watching Robin Hood.

Come to think of it, I think I learned more about economics from Robin Hood than I did from high school.


C said...

1. Your average iphone photograoher still doesn't know about/can't really adjust/sucks at exposure, aperture, or shutter speed. And then you have things like composition, lighting, and framing and stuff, which most people also suck at. So there's that keeping them in business at least ... I wouldn't want your average iphoner capturing my wedding or something.

2. I do not have a fancy digital camera. I have a crap digital camera that only needs a USB cord - no CD required, and it was $99. I'm sure there are cameras that could use cloud technology though ... and if not, there will be, I'm sure.

3. And there you have the crux of economics in our country.

Anonymous said...

I have a fancy camera, and they are very different from an iphone or ipod camera. for one thing, it has a flash. For another thing, It has a higher quality of picture. You can get more deatials, and if you zoom in, it won't get as blurry. My camera does have a USB cord, but i don't use it because it has a SD, or memory card, in it and all i have to do is click it into a port on my computer. plus there's all the various settings that I'm still learning to use. A professional knows how to get the right picture with the right angle, focus, lighting, and backround, not to mention a bunch of other settings.

GameOverTown said...

This is kinda.... well, very off topic, but isn't your youtube birthday soon?

Sparksbet said...

I have a professional camera (it was required for my digital photography class). Digital cameras have SD cards, which you can read either with a special USB cord connected to your camera or by removing the SD card and plugging it into a SD card reader, which just plugs into your computer's USB port directly. You have to buy them separately, but they're pretty cheap. And it's really simple to use once you get the hang of it.

Yeah, and generally phone and tablet photos suck. Both because the cameras are of poor quality and the people taking the photos usually don't know how to do it well. Professional photography is still a thing because people like good photos, not crappy iPhone stuff.

However, I would like to point out that I am NOT one of those professional photographers. I just have better photos that average 'cause my camera is nicer.

Anonymous said...

1. "Megapixel" is the number of pixels (in millions) 8 megapixels means 8 million pixels. 16 megapixels is 16 million pixels. Thankfully, some cellphone cameras are now increasing in quality.
2. Right now, only the small digital cameras do (and only on some cameras, which is not a lot). But manual transfer is getting easier. I have a DSLR, but because it uses an SD card, I can just take it out and insert it into a computer (or just connect it with a USB cable, which has become shorter these days).
3. Stealing from rich people just to be rich would be known as "stealing from the rich just to be rich". If you are stealing from the rich to give to the poor, then it would be known as "socialism" (in a generalization). The difference between those two is that the former is self-serving. Oh well, that's life.

Justice said...

1. I'm something of a shutterbug, Michael, and I can tell you for sure, people still want and need the expertise of professional photographers. Whether or not you can take good pictures isn't dictated by the kind of camera you use, but it certainly helps if you have a DSLR (or even a good point-and shoot) as opposed to an iPhone. For those who aren't into photography as an art, though, a multiple-function device that just happens to have a camera built in might be more economical.

2. I get the pictures off my camera by plugging it into the computer with a USB, then going on the memory card via monitor navigation and copying directly from the device to my pictures folder. It's a simple alternative to going through the hassle of using a special program (which most cameras still come with).

3. I haven't go a reply for this one, except to say that it seems to be a general rule that most useful things there are to learn, will be learned from a source other than high school.

Miriam said...

This is unrelated, but what are your thoughts on the new Harry Potter movie that's going to be made? :D

Clive Astic said...

To anon at 11:56: IPhone's have flash