Thursday, September 5, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. The Portland area has around 9,000 abortions per year, and if you do the math, that's...about one abortion per hour.  This week, while reading up on the Portland news, I found an article written by a woman who thinks this is clearly not good enough. She argued that the government should provide abortions, free of charge, because there are too many women who need abortions but can't afford them.

Her main argument seemed to be that all non-aborted babies grow up to become lifelong criminals or people who abuse social services.  So, in the long run, taxpayers would save themselves money by killing these people, before they can become a menace to society.  It was a rather disturbing article, and I shudder to see how she intends on solving the city's problems with homelessness.

2. Speaking of Portland problems, they released an app for the public transportation system!  Previously, you had to get paper tickets from their machines.  Now you can use the app to get tickets.

I hope that the app is pretty accurate, when it comes to timing.  Tickets are only good for two hours, and you know what I don't like?  Buying a ticket, then having to wait ten minutes for the next bus / train.  When I only have two hours to get to my destination and back home again, the waiting time isn't helpful.

3. Speaking of unhelpful, only some of the train stations actually have the current train schedule posted.  I like having the current schedule posted!  Information such as "the next red line train comes in two minutes" and "the green line train has been delayed seven minutes" is really good to know, especially if you find yourself at a stop with a schedule you haven't memorized.

All the other stations, which seems to be the majority of them, force you to find your particular stop, then the particular train line, then the particular time, on the  humongous schedule which lists every train ever in tiny print. Why can't they have the good schedules at all stations?


Anonymous said...

That woman sounds like a real nutter

Anonymous said...

Yeah. That is very distrubing.:( I hope that woman becomes pro-life, because these babies need our protection, not our indifference. Thanks, Michael, for telling us this!! God Bless everybody.:)

GameOverTown said...

... Except for that crazy woman

Stephanie Braddock said...

I'm not going to try and justify the woman's viewpoint, because I agree that it is a gross generalization that is not at all accurate. However, that doesn't mean we should immediately do a three sixty and praise the pro-life movement, either. The pro-life movement is also disturbingly inconsistent. I present to you an article:
That says everything I could ever need to on this topic.

William D said...

Yah I'm totally Social Services and a Wanted Criminal :D
-.- Thats the lamest excuse I've ever heard in my life.
What if that kid could grow up to become the next Thomas Edison? XDX So sad DDX

GameOverTown said...

Was that REALLY Will? Or was that his creepy impostor?

Anonymous said...

What if he grew up and became the next Hitler? That's a two way street guessing game.

William D said...

That was the real one DDX UGH I can't wait till next year, blogger account here I come DX

William D said...

Also, good point Anon o-o that wouldn't be good DXD

GameOverTown said...

Unless it was a Hitler against Hitlers

Anonymous said...

A Hitler against Hitler is still terrible. This isn't Dexter.

What if a teenager was the next Edison or Einstein, but she had to give up her education because she could no longer afford the time or money to go to college because of a baby she never wanted? Or she died giving birth to a child she never wanted?

I'd rather a parasitic lifeform with absolutely no impact on the world be sacrificed so that a life that is already established, loved, loving, knowledgable, integrated, and has value to society may continue to grow.

And I think you men need to stop shaming women who consider abortion, because there's likely more to her decision than you could ever imagine. You women, too.

Anonymous said...

^ Hear, hear.

Might I add just something I've noticed: GENERALLY, the people who are most against abortion are the ones unable to become pregnant: men, post-menopausal women, women who are not sexually active, and girls who are too young to be having sex... Those who are sexually active understand this issue on, I believe, a completely different level.

Support the fetus but not those already walking the Earth who need help. Nice, pro-lifers. Nice. After the baby is born, they're completely on their own. Because why should your tax dollars help a stranger? You don't owe them anything. That's not what Jesus wanted.

Oh, wait.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, consider this:

It is considered a violation of natural right to force a person to donate their own organs, even if it would save a life.

This is bodily integrity.

Thus it should also be considered just a big of a breach of right to force a woman to "donate" the use of her body to a fetus if she does not want to.

William D said...

Ok I can see where you're coming from on this.
(also I found it was my friend imitating me, I told him about these blogs, and he is such a trickster XDD I found out today XD)

Anonymous said...

I am pro-choice, but that woman's suggestion is stupid. There are far better ways to spend taxpayers' money. Most women are not forced to have sex, they do it of their own free will, so why should I pay for their abortions?

And most of unwanted children are not criminals. They often live in unhappy families, and their parents blame them for ruining their lives, but I don't think many of them are delinquents.