Monday, September 30, 2013

Recording Plans

Heyo! I figured I might as well post my video recording plans on the blog here. My general plan is to follow a "scary games" theme for October.

Besides for Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion, I have five games with the word "Haunted" in the title. Those would be the games in the Haunted Legends series and the Haunted Halls series.

Basically, ERS Game Studios was having a sale one day, and I games. They pretty much make up my entire horror games library, besides for a couple of games (the pirate game and the witch game).

I was going to do a walkthrough for Otherworld: Spring of Shadows.  I recorded the first video twice, and I failed horribly at making it interesting / worth watching.  So you'll have to settle for my video of the demo.


Anonymous said...

You should play Amnesia for your scary theme

H.R. Jafael said...

Why not try "Murder on the Orient Express" or "And Then There Were None"?

Or, for simply critique purposes, the Hardy Boys PC Game, "The Hidden Theft".

GameOverTown said...

I'm completely with the HR Jafael guy... as long as Michael can still get those games. I've had "And Then There Were None" on the PC for years, so I'm not sure if they still sell it.

William D said...

-pumps fist- YEEEEEEES!!!!!
Scary Games with Michael >:D xD
Please no Hidden Theft, unless you're willing to use a walkthrough for it :P Even with one it's confusing xP
Definitely "And Then There Were None" It is amazing :D

Anonymous said...

maybe it is time to expand your gaming genre. try the agatha christie games, a lot of your nancy drew fans will love it.

GameOverTown said...

But don't forget, you still have to find time for the Silent Spy

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I would have definitely suggested you play Shiver: Poltergeist. Good, scary game! Maybe next year? Along with the House of 1000 Doors series, perhaps? Ho1000d is my favorite Hidden Object series.