Sunday, September 8, 2013

Non-Canonical Books

Today's question was asked by two separate people, and I blended their comments into one.
So what about the books that aren't in the Bible?  What are we supposed to make of them?  I know you probably don't like the ones with crazy stuff, but the Bible has some pretty crazy stuff too, lol.
The decision of "what books should be in the Bible" was made when the Bible was compiled in the 300's.  It's kind of a long-dead issue, but I can discuss it, if you want.

The proper term for the Biblical-style books which are not in the Bible is "non-canonical" or "apocrypha".  There are three types.

1. Good books, which are worth reading.
2. Bad books, which are not worth reading.
3. Books which have a mixture of good and bad.  They are sometimes worth reading.

It's not always easy to determine which non-canonical books are bad and which aren't.  Who gets to pick what counts as bad, and what doesn't?  A general rule of thumb is that the bad books contain false or misleading information.  Examples would include books written by someone pushing a particular agenda, books which contain slander, and books which don't fit in with the other Biblical texts.

I can write more on the topic, if people want me to.  Like I said, it's been a moot issue for 1600+ years.  No real attempts have been made to add non-canonical books to the Bible.  There have been attempts to remove books from the Bible, but adding books?  Nobody has seriously tried that.


Sammy said...

I guess I just want to know what the difference is (or, if there is a difference) between the Bible Christians use, compared to the Bible Catholics use. The Christian Bible consists of 66 books, which make up the Old and New Testament. I have heard some places that Catholics have extra books, which I think is what you were talking about in today's posts. I'm just curious how many there are, and if they are actually in your Bibles, or are just extra books written around the same time that Catholics count as part of "God's Word."

Hope this makes since. Thank you! ~Samantha

Anonymous said...


Catholics. Are. Christians.

Anonymous said...

Books pushing a particular agenda, like, I don't know, all of the books that are in the Bible? lol

Anonymous said...

No real attempts have been made to add non-canonical books to the Bible.
Why not?

There have been attempts to remove books from the Bible.
Which ones, and why?

William D said...

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Breeze said...

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GameOverTown said...

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GameOverTown said...

Oh, and yes Michael will make a very good priest!!!!

Anonymous said...

GameOverTown, um, how do we know it isn't you who is impersonating people? As far as I can tell, accusing people of being impersonated just makes YOU look suspicious. Anyway, based on all the other posts William D has made before, this one seems legit if you take into account his poor usage of the English language throughout most, if not all, older posts. Seems like his character as well. And accusing him of not being him, is rather rude on your end is it not?

William D said...

I didn't leave that comment T^T I hate swearing.. But
Dammit! Stop being such immature insolent swine and learn how to behave. Also I know it's not GameOver because he can't leave several comments at once like on our blog. So stop attacking him T^T
Also, he is perfectly right, Im not as dull as you think Anon.
Poor use of English Language... Oh well. Think what you want -.- Anyways, Im going to throw your own argument back at you. How do WE know it isn't you impersonating people. Yes I know it's a generalization and quite a cliché argument, but come on. He knows someone has been impersonating me, and he is honestly concerned. I know it's a stereo-type to assume that Anons are trolls, so I'm sorry for using such a rudimentary come back. But please, try not. Also, may I remind you, that in a lot of my posts, Im joking, and I usually ignore proper Grammar and English, because it usually sounds boring, but if you prefer I do, so be it. I would also appreciate it if you would kindly not jump on friend.
I would agree though with the statement 'I' made that Michael would be a good priest. I would not, however, fight for him in any way, shape, or form. I also don't agree with what 'I' said to stop jumping on Michael, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and may think what they wish.

GameOverTown said...

We have a mystery on our hands.... AND IT'S IN REAL LIFE!!!!! And Michael didn't do a walkthrough for it XD