Sunday, September 15, 2013


Fr. John Poncini told me that when a priest is assigned to a new parish, he shouldn't change anything for the first six months, except for his clothes.

Pope Francis has been following this program, more or less. He's been Pope for six months now. At the start of next month, Pope Francis and the Reform Crew (not the group's actual name) is going to meet and set out a plan to fix the problems with the Catholic Church.

The three day meeting hasn't happened yet, so no one knows the scope of the plan. Maybe they'll limit themselves to reforming the bureaucracy at the Roman Curia.  Then again, maybe they'll do something extreme, like make changes to the mass. That's one of the few big changes Pope Francis has made in the past six months; he added a bit about St. Joseph to the eucharistic prayers.

It's hard to tell what will happen.  As per usual in these situations, the reporters are making up rumors, based on what they want to see. Thus, the liberal reporters want to see priestly celibacy go from mandatory to optional, and the conservative reporters want to see them remove the option of communion on the hand.

So let me throw in my two cents. If I was consulted for making changes to the mass, I would recommend reviving the tradition of having a second Gospel reading at the end of the mass, after communion.  Most churches I've been to use this time for announcements, which is obviously inferior to a reading from the Gospel of John.  Plus, it would prevent people from leaving mass early, which is an epidemic in some churches I've been to.


GameOverTown said...

I'm glad he said "except for his clothes".

Anonymous said...

I do like your suggestion of reviving the tradition of two Gospels (the more the merrier). But of course, let's include the announcements, but after the Mass. It is much more timely.