Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Being Sick

My best bowling game ever was on January 4th of this year.  I got a double turkey in that game.  For those of you who don't speak bowling, that means I got six perfect shots in a row.  For reference, a perfect game is twelve shots in a row.

I bowled half of a perfect game, but the amazing thing in my mind is the fact that I did this, while sick.

One of my friends said that my game reminded him of Michael Jordan's sick game, in 1997.  In that game, Michael Jordan was so sick he couldn't walk off of the basketball court by himself, but he still managed to get 38 points.

Why do people sometimes perform better-than-average while sick? Maybe it's because they're harder to distract.  Or maybe it's just dumb luck. You can't spell "fluke" without "flu"!


Suzanne Klare said...

Maybe it only happens to people named Michael.

GameOverTown said...

Come on Suzanne,I was going to make that exact same joke.

William D said...

It must, cause it never happened to me : ( xD

Suzanne Klare said...

Too bad, GameOverTown ;)

Anonymous said...

I also tend to perform better when sick. My theory is that in our infirm state our minds assume that we're going to automatically botch everything we do, and they work double time to make sure that our physical actions are perfect.

Thank you for listening to this long and extremely boring theory. If you reached the end, I laud you, oh Blog Comment Readers for your incredible patience. Auf Wiedersehen.

Anonymous said...

So let us all hope that we can train our minds to assume that we will fail and make automatic corrections.