Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Batman and Superman

In movie news, people have been going crazy over the fact that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in Batman VS Superman: Dude, That's Righteous.  I'm not sure what the big deal is.  People didn't like it the last time he was in a superhero movie...ten years ago.  Talk about holding a grudge.

Who's playing Superman in this movie?  Is it the same guy who was in this summer's Superman movie?  I didn't see the movie, but all my DragonBall Z friends made fun of it.  See, the end of the movie is a huge fight between Superman and General Zod, and the two of them basically destroy Metropolis during their battle.

In DragonBall Z, Goku always made sure to fight the aliens in abandoned wastelands.  He never fought in cities, because he didn't want innocent bystanders to get hurt.  That's a plot point in about three places in the series.  Even when the aliens show up in a city, Goku leads them away before fighting.

New Superman, however, isn't as much of a hero as Goku, and he lets the fight happen in the middle of a crowded city.  Huh.  Is there a reason he doesn't fly 60 miles away, to the farmland outside the city?  Come on, Supes.  I know they have cool special effects for when buildings get destroyed, but try to show more concern for people's safety.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't get the whole outrage either about Ben Affleck. And yes, Henry Cavill will be playing Superman again.

Dragonball Z fans on my Facebook--that haven't actually seen the Superman movie--made fun of it that exact way, too. It's really irritating though. I don't understand why this one superhero flick is getting so much heat for that when several other superhero movies in both DC and Marvel universes have had similar fight scenes happen. And sometimes, the villains will not be led out of the city. If they can be led around like a horse with a halter, they're not very good villains.
Superman doesn't LET a fight happen. He doesn't have complete control over what Zod does. Zod wants to hurt/kill humans to get back at Superman, so he won't be compliantly led away from Metropolis. If Superman flies 60 miles away, Zod may fly over, too...after he destroys whatever he can on the way, and Superman wouldn't be next to him to stop him. Bad guys aren't held to the same moral code as good guys. Zod won't play fair no matter what Superman does. And Superman does try to show concern for people's safety, which is why he's trying to save Earth and the humans.

GameOverTown said...

It's because he was in argo

Brittany said...

I thought Argo was fantastic.