Monday, September 23, 2013

Adapting Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

When Her Interactive adpated Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill into a videogame, they made some changes to the book. Today, I'll discuss some of them.
  • The game shifts the timeline a bit. Jake dies a third of the way through the book, whereas the game starts after Jake's death. That's a big change, but it was very well done, and it doesn't feel like the game is lacking anything at all, by leaving it out.
  • The video lab is mentioned three times in the book, and Nancy goes there twice. It's important to the plot, because Jake was stealing supplies from that location. This plotline gets dropped in the game, and Nancy finds the blackmail tape in a different location.
  • New/different locations is sort of a hallmark of the game. Maxine's Diner, the library, the student union, the teacher's lounge and the study area were all absent from the book. The boiler room from the book becomes more important.
  • The captain of the football team gets a name change, from Walt "Hunk" Hogan to Hector "Hulk" Sanchez. In the book, he is being blackmailed because he played football while severely injured. I have to admit, this is kind of a weak premise for blackmailing someone. The game definitely improves Hulk's subplot.
  • Hal Morgan becomes Hal Tanaka, and his motivation to get good grades is solidified. He steals SAT answers in the book, whereas in the game, he plagiarizes an essay.
  • Carla Dalton is not a character in the game. Brenda Carlton isn't either. Bess, George and Ned are only included as phone characters.
  • Daryl Gray is Nancy's romantic interest in the book, who takes her to the dance and kisses her several times. In the game, he flirts openly with Nancy, but she doesn't reciprocate.
  • Connie Watson is completely transformed. In the book, she's a shy, overweight girl who wishes she could be a cheerleader. She is hiding the fact that she's a kleptomaniac. Connie in the game is nothing like that. The game expands on what Connie was blackmailed into doing, which the book doesn't discuss much.
  • In the book, Daryl is a runner, in a crime ring that is selling government secrets to the Soviet Union. In the first game, this is changed so he is a runner, for a drug ring. In the remastered game, he is once again selling government secrets, this time to an unknown person.

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Anonymous said...

What books do you speak of? I wasn't aware there were matching books that were the same storyline as many of the HER games.