Thursday, August 1, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. Amazing but true: If Youtube has messed up one of my videos, don't wait six months until you tell me about it!  I can't re-record a video, when I've already sold the game.

2. I finished writing the Temple Run story!  Kinda bummed that my co-author / ex-girlfriend only helped with the first chapter.  I could have used a little help when writing the rest of the story.

3. Hey, the 2013 Scary Nancy Drew Games Marathon is coming to Youtube!  Every day, I'm going to post a new hour-long video.  This will continue for a week.


Anonymous said...

Michael do you watch Hetalia? You should its really cool and I think you would like it.

Miss. Cellaneous said...

But what about Professor Layton? Aren't you still doing a video walkthrough of that?

Breanna(; said...

Great! I will watch all of them:)