Saturday, August 10, 2013

Teen Beach Movie

Disney is promoting their newest TV movie, Teen Beach Movie.  Just like with the Big Time Rush summer beach movie, my question is why.  WHY?

Seriously, why is anyone making beach movie parodies?  They stopped making those movies, long before today's teenagers were born.  They stopped making them before the parents of today's teenagers were born.  A beach movie parody is as timely as a parody of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

I expect to see President Johnson jokes in the movie, by the way, or else I'm declaiming it as inauthentic to the genre.

While I'm on this topic, let me take a moment to official declaim Annie as inauthentic to the source material.  The movie portrays President Roosevelt in a positive light, even though Harold Gray hated FDR.  He often attacked American socialism in the comic strip.

Back to Teen Beach Movie.  Is it a good parody of the genre you've never experienced?  Is it more like High School Musical On a Beach than a Beach Boys movie?  Let me know!  I don't have the Disney Channel at my house, so I can't watch the movie myself.


William D said...

I really have no interest in that movie, but I'll see if I can catch it : /

Brittany said...

According to Rotten Tomatoes, Teen Beach Movie is West Side Story - surfers vs. bikers. All 5 critic reviews favored it, but audience reviews weren't nearly as good. One person said it was a Back to the Future ripoff >.> I'm not a big fan of musicals in the first place, so I won't be seeing this.

Anonymous said...

Actually I thought it was pretty good. Mainly because it had songs and some really cool dance moves (example: back flips, twists and turns that seem impossible). So if you get the chance to watch it, try it. The singers and dancers do a really good job.

-Lee (or Liana)

Cheryl said...

Well, since I am constant viewer of classic movies, I have definitely seen my fair share of beach movies. Beach Blanket Bingo. anyone? That movie has some serious issues and I can barely look at movies like that without cracking a joke or making a ridiculous pun. So, most likely I will not be watching it. I turned Disney Channel off long, long ago. =)

Kara said...

I didn't make it through the movie. It's definitely for a younger audience. Well, I'm not old, but it seemed corny. Like forgoing a great future at a school you've been dying to get into so you can stay and surf with a cute guy corny and frankly naive.

As for the why, I think that's simple. Ross Lynch is the new cutie from Disney Channel, and they're going to milk it all for what he's worth. A movie where he's shirtless and sings? Why not!

Suzanne Klare said...

I saw the preview on tv, but I'm not really interested. It looks... just like every other movie Disney Channel brings out lately. Like crap.
But I think I might watch it, to see if it's really as horrible as I suspect. For the sake of Disney, I hope it's not.

mfowler1359 said...

I think that the Teen Beach Movie is, as you said, High School Musical on the Beach. There are some similarities, if you look. Also, I think Disney hopes that Teen Beach Movie will blow up as High School Musical.