Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blackmoor - Passageways

Yesterday, I tried to plan a fast route for Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor.  I didn't discuss how to get into the hidden passageways, which is a puzzle in and of itself.  The order of the hidden passageway puzzle is this:
  • Go see Linda. Jane interrupts the conversation.
  • Go see Jane. She mentions the "lady in black".
  • Go see Linda and ask about the lady in black. Linda tells you to leave.
  • On the second day of the game, you can talk to Linda again.  She mentions a hidden passageway.
  • Go see Jane. She gives you the key for the door to the passageway room.
  • Go into the passageway.  It's dark.
  • Go to Jane for a glowstick to see in the dark passageway
  • Find the Loulou puzzle at the end of the passageway
At this point, the hidden passageway puzzle splits into two.
  • Passageway 1
    • Talk to Mrs. Drake for Loulou's magic word
    • Talk to Loulou for password
    • Solve Loulou puzzle
    • Solve triangle puzzle
  • Passageway 2
    • Talk to Linda to learn of Passageway 2's existence
    • See gargoyle picture downstairs
    • Solve Nigel's typing challenge for a coat of arms
    • Solve gargoyle puzzle to get into Passageway 2
    • Solve triangle puzzle
Solving the triangle puzzle in both passageways allows you access to the well and the forge.  With the forge, you have to see Nigel to get inside.

Tomorrow, I'll do the fun task of combining this information with yesterday's pathway.

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Breanna(; said...

That does sound like a fun task! Michael, you're so funny:)