Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Mystery of the Broken Heart, Chapter 6

Time to finish my story about Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall! It was surprisingly fun to write about Bess and George being in the same room as Nancy. Usually in the Nancy Drew games, they're only in the same phone call as her.


The fire burnt Thornton Hall to the ground, as none of the firefighters could arrive on time. Thanks to Nancy's actions, no one was seriously injured, but the leader of the firefighters ordered that everyone be sent to the hospital.

Nancy's trip home was delayed by three days, as she was made a virtual prisoner of Georgia's hospital system. The doctors determined that she and everyone else was suffering from exposure to carbon monoxide, and they wanted to be absolutely sure she was healthy, before releasing her.

Nancy's response to the diagnosis was grim acceptance. If there was carbon monoxide in the air around Thornton Hall, that would explain a lot. It explained why she felt so strange and why her sleeping patterns were off. It would even explain the visions she had of Charlotte's ghost.

But...did they explain what happened with Ned and Bess?

Now that her head was clearer, Nancy had to wonder if she had a legitimate cause for concern. Just because Ned was staying at Bess' house late at night, it didn't mean he was her secret boyfriend. Ned was a lot of things, but he wasn't a liar or a cheater. And Bess was a flirt sometimes, but she never messed around with other girls' boyfriends.

Nancy sighed. She knew this was a conversation she and Ned needed to have, face-to-face. She pulled out her phone and sent Ned a text.

We need to talk. Can you stop by my house tomorrow?

Hannah picked Nancy up from the airport and drove her home. Nancy was usually talkative after solving a case, but this time, she rode in silence. Hannah found it odd, but she didn't say anything.
Nancy sighed as she dragged her luggage up the walkway and into the Drew home. The lights were on, and Nancy was wondering where her father would be when she saw a huge group of people in the living room.

"SURPRISE!" everyone shouted. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NANCY!"

"Wha-WHAT?" Nancy said loudly. "But my birthday is two days from now!"

Nancy's father stepped forward to hug his daughter. He was wearing a pink party hat, on top of his usual suit and tie. "Welcome back, Nancy," he said. "You stay here and enjoy your party. I'll take your luggage upstairs."

Nancy looked around the room in surprise. "But how did you prepare this?" she asked.

"Ned and Bess have been planning this party, ever since you left for Georgia," Carson said. "She was the one who forced me to wear this ridiculous hat."

"It looks good on you, Mr. Drew," George said. She was wearing an "I heart NY" t-shirt. "It's great to see you again, Nancy. Did anything interesting happen in the state named after me?"

"Hmmm...let's see," Nancy said, tapping her bottom lip with her finger. "I got trapped inside a burning building, was almost decapitated by a scythe, got attacked by an evil ghost, and ended up in the hospital."

"In other words, it was just an average case for you," George summarized.

"Yeah, pretty much," Nancy agreed. "Except for, you know, the whole Ned and Bess thing."

"Which we're going to resolve right now," George said, grabbing Nancy's arm. She led Nancy to Ned, who was standing next to the sofa. He nervously ran his hand through his hair.

"Hello, Nance," Ned said. "I, um, I got your text. Did you get my voice messages?"

"I did, but I didn't listen to any of them," Nancy said. She paused for a second and said, "Bess, I can see you there."

Bess got up from the sofa that she had been trying to hide behind. "Heh heh...right," Bess said.

"So...this is what you two were up to, when I was gone," she said.

"Yeah..." Bess said. "We couldn't tell you the truth, because it would ruin the surprise! You love surprises!"

"I'm sorry we gave you the wrong impression," Ned said. "We only wanted your birthday party to be perfect. Do you forgive us?"

Nancy glared at them for a few seconds, before grabbing Ned and kissing him. Bess squealed in happiness, while George smiled.


Suzanne Klare said...

Awww... Love this one :)
The ending is wonderful

Breanna(; said...

Hiding behind a couch sounds like something Bess would definitely do! I love the ending Michael, it was soooo sweet(;

Anonymous said...

This is unrelated to the topic but i'm going to write it anyway. It is a song about abortion. It starts out with a mom talking to her doctor and then it shows the mom in a conversation with her son and then her son in a conversation with God. I'm not very good with punctuation but I think you'll get the message. She couldn't believe the awful words she heard, when some time you'll ne giving birth. It's my choice and i'll not be denied, she chose to hear silence instead of a baby's cry. He had no choice but what if he did, You'd hear him cry please mamma let me live. To give you birth would mess up my life, So the womb became a tomb at the baby's sacrifice. The eye's of the lord did recall this awful sin that some call a job, this child will speak clearly some day and it's you who will stand guilty when to Jesus he will say, what is my name, what is my name. Will mom and dad be coming for I love them just the same but when they tore me all apart, the way I felt the pain its a crying shame. I'm so glad you brought me here oh, lord what is my name? It's human life and it's a crying shame, when you don't think it's worthy of a name. They're so helpless but god loves them just the same and has a place prepared for them where they will know no pain. What is my name, what is my name? will mom and dad be coming for I love them just the same but when they tore me all apart the way I felt the pain it's a cring shame. I'm so glad you brought me here oh, Lord what is my name?

Anonymous said...

I meant to say be giving birth instead of ne.

Anonymous said...

That's enough of your bile, anon.

Anonymous said...

Awww!!! I love it! Great job, Michael!


Anonymous said...

To the anon at 12:49 p.m. In your response to my defense of the unborn, you said that my statement was bile, I would venture to say that your choice of the word bile was very ill-fitting and inaccurate. Actually your statement was in and of itself bile.

Anonymous said...

To anon at 10:51 AM: Please go educate yourself before you post something that has nothing to do with the original post, and something you very likely do not understand or experienced first hand. Perhaps it might be time to work on your punctuation as well, as the supposed power of the message you wrote loses credibility. Or maybe it's time for you to join the Westboro Chuch, I'm sure they'll appreciate you there.

You're spreading hate, which is obviously not the message of your God, I'm sure. And for that, YOU will be judged.

Anonymous said...

Idk what you say the truth is the truth. You and all abortion doctors are going to be judged as well, so just keep that in mind ok.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you go educate yourself and go watch evil abortion doctors suck an unborn baby's brains out of its head. I value human life and I think it is sick that a so called "doctor" can perform this k evil called partial birth abortion, all they are after is money and one day they will pay for it ultimately. Also you need to work on your spelling and put the R in church.

Anonymous said...

Your comment was completely irrelevant to the original post. Originally, I thought it was spam.

But here's a thought: how about paying attention to YOUR relationship with God rather than focusing on everyone else? News flash, not everyone believes in God and you can't make them. If you value life so much, why not do something that is actually useful and supporting life, like volunteering at a homeless shelter or youth center, or even tutor (although I do not suggest tutoring English, in your case) instead of being one of those people who stands outside Planned Parenthood screaming at women who are just there to get a pelvic exam. Get off your pedestal - you're no better than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I'm not tring to make everyone believe in God but when they stand before him and he says depart from me ye workers of iniquity for I never knew you then they'll believe. Go ahead and say whatever you want, it doesn't bother me, if you want to support abortion and abortion doctors taking the lives of something so precious and innocent go ahead. Also I said earlier in my first comment that what I was writing was unrelated to the topic you need to learn to read everything so all of your questions get answered.

Anonymous said...

To 7:44 PM--

You obviously do not know the first thing about how and when abortions are performed. Take the time to learn some basic medical facts before you search for answers to everything within the Bible.

If a woman decides to get one, it is ultimately her choice, her body, her life. Let's hope that she decides to get it done somewhere safe and clean. It is better than self induced abortions that will ultimately jeopardize her own health. Those "evil" doctors provide the alternative to a decision that she has already made. She does not want this child for whatever reason, and it is not within your right to stand in her way.

It has nothing to do with you. Your opinion is not valid, even if you preach the "words of God" at everyone who will be "judged" because they are Pro-Choice. Please take the time to find another outlet for this conversation topic that you so desperately want to start on Michael's blog. I'm sure you can find many more people who agree with you on another forum or blog. Your song about abortion is a weak attempt at whatever it was you were trying to do, and I suggest you improve your debate skills. You've come across as an uneducated, bible thumping extremist that has a very limited view point. Please leave.

Anonymous said...

I do not "support abortion." I support the idea that a woman should be able to get a safe abortion if the pregnancy is life-threatening (to either the woman or the fetus). Even if she doesn't do it for medical reasons, it's her choice. I am in no position to tell someone what they should or should not do in such a situation.

You think that the doctors that perform such operations are evil and aren't really doctors? You actually think they "suck the unborn baby's brains out of its head"? You can go fuck yourself with a rusty rake.

Anonymous said...

And I agree with the Anon at 8:45. There are much better communities for your circlejerk. Get that crap out of here.

Anonymous said...

Lol wtf is going on

Brittany said...

It's the marriage post all over again...

Anonymous said...

You guys need to chillax Michael is going to be really confused is that what you want, CONFUSING THIS GREAT MAN? I THINK NOT

Anonymous said...

I have a right to state my opinion and if you don't like it you can leave. There wouldn't even be an argument on Michael's blog if you hadn't had said anything. So you think I have a limited view point because I think abortion is wrong, I guess you have a very broad view point for thinking it's alright to take an unborn baby's life when they don't even have the choice of whether they want to live or not. why don't you just think about what you are fighting so hard against me about and stop writing comments acting like me and agreeing with yourself you're acting like a child.

Anonymous said...

I think the thing in question is why are you posting this information here, if not to rile people up? Regardless of opinion, using this area as a forum for topics unrelated to the point is not the purpose Michael foresaw when posting. You come off as provoking others, and your posting isn't wrong in the sense of content, but in the sense of purpose.

Anonymous said...

No its not Brittany, I'm stoping right now for Michael's sake. You people can say what ever in this world you want Idk.

Anonymous said...

literally what the fuck

Anonymous said...

Man, you need to remember that things aren't black and white. There are so many things you are misunderstanding about biology, for starters. After you get the hard facts down, then you can focus on the psychology and sociology of the instances in which an abortion would be a viable option. You can't just say "God will judge you!" and have everyone just automatically agree (unless they're refusing to look at the science behind it too). No one says you have to get one, so you shouldn't tell other people can't get one. Please stay out of the healthcare field. You display a poor understanding of ethics.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

^ omfg

Stephanie Braddock said...

This is absolutely ridiculous, for two reasons. Reason one: this has absolutely nothing to do with the blog post. You have every right to post your.... Lyrics.... On the internet, but to do so in this environment is rude, innappropriate, and I would call it trolling. If you want to share your 'song', please go do it on some religious republican site where it doesn't bother others. Reason two: not everyone believes in God, or practices religion. It borders on harrasment to preach it to those who do not agree with it. Not to mention the separation between government and religion, in which government functions independent to religious beliefs. You can not use religion as a valid argument for OR against abortion because you are using controversial and unproven facts not universally acknowledged. You have freedom of speech, but we have freedom of religion (which includes no religion), and to force people to act upon anything based off of religion violates those rights. You can choose any stance you want, as long as you don't drag in God or the bible. It's only constitutional.

Stephanie Braddock said...

Also, hi Brittany! We're probably pissing off a bunch of people by posting. It's unfortunate. But hey, pissed off people. I'm back!

Anonymous said...

Ok..... this is a spin-off story of Nancy Drew, not a moral and religious shoot-a-thin. Geez ,people, just calm down and stop caring about what everyone's opinion is!
Anyway, Michael, I think that the story had a really cute ending! Though I am sad that you made Charlotte fake again :,(

William D said...

Oh yah I forgot to sign my name to the previous comment and pray for me, my grandmother just broke a rib..... >:,(

Breanna(; said...

I will pray for you William(:

Anonymous said...

'Pro-Choice"? mean the 'right to choose if you have sex or not' or 'the right to choose to kill your own unborn child that you knowingly created when you indulged in actions that you knew could result in a new life'??....... It is amazing how people that advocate the murder of innocent human life love to change the language. Go look at a three month old unborn child and tell me that it is not murder when you tear it apart or melt it and if you can say that, then you do not ever deserve to have a child as you are soulless.

Anonymous said...

Anon at July 4, 2013 at 5:06 PM,

Before you call anyone soulless and underserving of children because they do not agree with your personal definitions, I'd like to direct you to this very interesting article:

I'm not trying to argue with you (because in all honestly how likely is it that you will change your mind when you already seem so set within your beliefs). I am merely trying to engage you, and hopefully broaden your viewpoint. Do not expect me to change my mind either, when I too am set within my opinion. Instead of calling me soulless and a promoter of murder due to your apparent dislike for the definition of the "pro choice" movement, I'd much rather read something a bit more intelligent from the stance you hold. If you want a debate, please provide something more than looking up images of 3 month old fetuses, and as others have already said, religion conscious arguments.

Ashlee said...

If it isn't convenient to get pregnant then either don't have sex, have protected sex or bless a childless couple and put the child up for adoption. I don't judge anyone who has had an abortion, that is not my place, but I just don't see why go through with it when there are so many couples who desparately want a baby. Choose to put the child up for adoption. Just because you don't want a child doesn't mean the child can't mean something special to someone else.

Anonymous said...

I'm a type 1 diabetic and plan on never having children because of my health. There would be too much potential for complications for both myself and the child. So, I'm just never supposed to have sex, then? Funny, I guess people are just supposed to have sex to reproduce. I guess they just remove that tidbit from every TV show and movie.

But seriously though - are you deficient? A fetus isn't "torn apart" or "melted away." Even if I wanted to have children (and who knows, I might change my mind someday), who the fuck are you to tell me I don't deserve to have a child? I don't deserve to have a child because I'm a realist? Because I get that people will have abortions in many different circumstances whether or not they're legal and safe? You are so ignorant it hurts. I thought you said you were leaving anyway.

Brittany said...

Ashlee - I agree that adoption is a viable option, but look at the thousands of unwanted children that already exist in the United States alone (104,236 just waiting to be adopted as of 2011, according to this .gov report). I'm not justifying abortion, just pointing out a sad fact.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:06 anon - Just because you can't get laid doesn't mean the rest of us have to abstain! AMIRITE

Anonymous said...

why does every one think that just because it says anonymous that they are the same person, i'm not the person who said they were leaving, I am finished arguing about it though I said what I wanted to say and i'm leaving it at that.

Anonymous said...

The pro-life defenders, including you, had the same writing styles. So that's why it all sounds like the same person.

Out of her mind creature said...

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Anonymous said...

honey, this ^ isn't okcupid.

Anonymous said...

To all of the pro-choice people out there: I had an interesting day three days ago when I saw a bunch of your kind on the news, holding signs up that said my pu$$y my choice and making there children wear signs that said if I wanted the government in my womb i'd f*** a senator. All of the women holding these signs were the ugliest creatures I've ever seen walk the face of this planet and talk about screaming at people to get their point across.... they sure did a lot of that, they and you bunch of "baby killers" don't have to worry about having an abortion because any sane person wouldn't look at you for a second let alone get you pregnant, they also were screaming hail satan while pro-life activists were singing amazing grace. You're all a bunch of satan worshippers bound for hell, if you don't want to be cursed with a baby have you're ovaries removed then you can go have sex all you want. Pro-choice, pro-life, No-choice these babies have no choice and all the abortion doctors are doing is God's job for him. For God is the giver and taker of life, you women are sick. I'm sorry if it hurts you anon on July the fourth at 9:06 p.m. if what the other anonymouses said about innocent unborn children. what kind of pain do you think that baby feels and who in this world do you think you are to take it's life, why don't you people look up an abortion video and it will enlighten you circle jerks for it's clear to me that you haven't experienced it first hand either.

Brittany said...

Where was this protest taking place?

"...they sure did a lot of that, they and you bunch of "baby killers" don't have to worry about having an abortion because any sane person wouldn't look at you for a second let alone get you pregnant,"

Wow, haha, it sounds like someone has some sand in their vagina...or cobwebs? Talk about hate...

"...they also were screaming hail satan while pro-life activists were singing amazing grace."

Nothing has ever not happened more than this did not happen.

"You're all a bunch of satan worshippers bound for hell, if you don't want to be cursed with a baby have you're ovaries removed then you can go have sex all you want."

I identify as Christian. My ovaries are just fine, and if I want to have sex, I can have sex. There are other methods of contraceptives, you know.

"Pro-choice, pro-life, No-choice these babies have no choice and all the abortion doctors are doing is God's job for him."

Come again? Side note, not everyone believes in God.

"I'm sorry if it hurts you anon on July the fourth at 9:06 p.m."

No, this doesn't hurt. I just feel sorry for you. Your heart is so full of hatred.

"what kind of pain do you think that baby feels"

Umm...none? Do you remember how you felt being in your mother's womb? Memories aren't generally retained until about 6 years of age.

"who in this world do you think you are to take it's life"

How do you think you are, thinking you can infringe on people's natural rights?

"why don't you people look up an abortion video and it will enlighten you circle jerks"

Is that what you do in your free time? That's not the proper way to use that term, but kudos for trying.

"it's clear to me that you haven't experienced it first hand either"

No, but it sounds like you have? I sincerely apologize for what you had to go through. If I became pregnant in the current state I'm in, I would not be able to have the child or just "give it up for adoption." I have a disease that would greatly wreak havoc on both myself and my unborn child. But I guess that means I'm not supposed to have sex though, right?

Call me heartless, a Satan-worshiper, whatever. But your comment(s) are showing you to be a hateful person. A hateful person with atrocious grammar.

If you're just a troll, you sure got me! Hue Hue Hue Hue

Anonymous said...

Oh my, looks like I pinched a nerve, oh well, You'll get over it. Just so you know it was taking place in Texas at the Texas capital.

Brittany said...

Lol I ain't even mad. My reply was mostly the product of procrastination. No nerves were struck :3

Also, Rick Perry and most of the other Texas representatives are being complete twats. Trying to pass anti-abortion laws in the middle of the night? If you see nothing wrong with that, turn off Fox News for a couple minutes and get some fresh air. We're supposed to be living in a democracy. That applies to every circumstance, not just things you do or don't support.

Brittany said...

Oh, I did look up the "Hail Satan/Amazing Grace" thing! Out of context it sounds bad, but in reality, the pro-choice supporters were merely mocking the pro-life supporters. Why? Not because they're actually Satan worshipers (although some may be, you never know), but because this in NOT an issue about religion. It is an issue of an infringement of female reproductive rights. Religion shouldn't even be a part of this debate. It is not about morality. It is about politics. And our brave Forefathers graciously granted us a separation between church and state. Why do you people forget that so easily?

In all honesty, some of those protesters seemed a bit too extreme for my tastes, as I prefer more peaceful protests (the whole, "Walk silently but carry a big stick" thing), but I still support their cause over the "Pro-Life"-ers.

Stephanie Braddock said...

I just want to thank the person who provided that article; I never understood the resoning behing the pro-life movement. I never understood what they thought; how can they even justify what they're doing? Now I do, and I sympathize with it's members after reading this, because it sounds like many of them have been really, truly lied to. But these people here do not seem like those people, and they do not act decieved. They act like the decievers.

This article is written by a women who supported the pro-life movement. She believed whole-heartedly in her cause, and its crusaders... until she learned the truth. If you are one of those people who are in the movement to save babies, read this article, because you have been lied to. It's true, and I'm not lying. All of the facts in this article are scientific, backed, and official. I can relate to those people, and I think they are truly trying to do a good thing. But that's not what this is about. At least, not to the pro-life politicians and leaders.

This isn't about saving unborn babies. That's a sham, a veil covering the truth, to try and convince you to back them and vote for them. This is about controlling the lives of women, mainly through their sex lives, by making sure there is severe punishment for any women who dare to spread their legs. No one cares about the men who impregnate these women, of course. If this were about babies, you would most definitely be pro-choice, because research PROVES that contraceptives (which the pro-choice movement is trying to provide) is really what saves the most zygotes! If that's what you cared about, you would abandon your 'cause', because it isn't yours; it's all fake. Your politicians make up, they FAKE studies, facts, and data, and they hide what doesn't help their agenda. You probably don't believe me, but read the article and I swear you will. Poor or destitute women; that's who you're helping oppress. You're helping no one.

Anonymous said...

This is a great article. I really doubt any of the pro-lifers will read it, though. They seem to be dead-set on their opinions because they think they're doing God's work.

It brings up some really good points. I think a lot of the issue is just ignorance and submission to the power of suggestion. For example, an old acquaintance of mine once told me that he assumed I was standing on street corners every weekend holding up pro-murder signs just because I was on birth control (which he called "abortion pills"). I have been on birth control since the middle high school, so for about 5 years now, for endometriosis. It's this kind of (mainly) right-winged extremist ignorance that is supporting this pro-life movement. They fail to realize, as the article states,:

Women will still get abortions even if they do become illegal

Birth control greatly reduces the risk of pregnancy

(A little side note) Obamacare supports this. I have health insurance but I haven't had to pay for birth control for almost a year thanks to Obamacare.

Like the article also said, this is just a giant FEAR CAMPAIGN. People are becoming more and more lazy and are forming their opinions by anecdotal evidence alone (like, "Hey, I heard this!) instead of doing their own research.

Something I've noticed in my experience. It will sounds mean, I know, but it's just what I've seen. The majority of women I have seen supporting the pro-life movement are:

1. Older women who are post-menopausal and physically can not give birth

2. Women my age (early 20s) who have never been in romantic relationships with men or do not have the desire to be sexually active

3. Young girls who are not old enough to understand sexuality or even puberty

Anonymous said...

I'm glad some decided to read that article that I provided. Thanks, and I'm happy to see that my posts do not always fall on deaf or stubborn ears.

If you've chosen to ignore it, you're missing a lot of vital points from what you've defined as your opposition. Perhaps reading it can at the very ;east help you see the other side a bit more clearly.

I would be happy to read research regarding Pro-Life. But viewing the many fabricated and manipulated images or videos of abortions is not a valid source. It's a method of shocking individuals and through that scaring them to believe in what that particular media outlet desires.

Anonymous said...

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