Thursday, July 11, 2013


Okay, I think I've said all that I want to about women and the priesthood.  If you want to read more about the topic, I'd recommend reading a letter that Pope John Paul II wrote on April 22, 1994 about it.  It's more of a recap than an exhaustive explanation, but it comes from a much better source than me.  I'm just some guy on the Internet; John Paul was the Pope.

Actually, when I started talking about Catholicism, I just wanted to have a big Q and A session, so I could answer any questions you readers might have.  Since I just now mentioned someone who has been officially confirmed as a saint, let's discuss this reader's question:
So I have another question. Do Catholics pray to God directly or do they just pray to the saints? This is something I never fully understood.
Catholics pray to God.  They do not pray to the saints.  Praying directly to a saint, as if he or she was God, is a form of idolatry.

It is possible to pray, on behalf of other people.  For example, you can pray for people in other countries, and you can ask your friends and relatives to pray for you.  Many people are in the habit of asking their relatives for prayers, even when said relative has died.

This holds true with the saints.  You can ask the saints to pray for you or with you. This can only help to make your prayers more effective.

People try to be logical, when they invoke the intercession of the saints.  For example, Saint Ignatius was a soldier, so soldiers ask for his intercession.  Saint Lucy's eyes were forcibly removed, so people ask for her intercession with eye problems.  I've even heard of people asking for St. Francis Cabrini's help in finding a parking space, because she had to deal with traffic in New York when she was alive, but I suspect that was a joke.


William D said...

You are quite right about the idolatry thing Michael. Also about the saints, let me elaborate a little bit more.
The saints you pray to are patron saints of certain afflictions, jobs and people. (mothers, fathers, children, orphans, etc.) We never pray to them, but ASK them to pray TO God for us.We can ask them for help when we are in pain or having problems with our lives. :P They then add their prayers to ours and give them to God imploring Him to help us. Did that help? Or am I being redundant?

William D said...

Also Michael, in Wind Waker you were confused... let me help
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Sammy said...

So, let me try to get this can ask saints to pray for you. But, how do you ask them? Is it like a form of prayer? Like, "Dear, (saint) I would like you to pray for (my problem) Amen." I'm a little confused about that.

Anonymous said...

You may be a randome gye on the internet, but your our randome gye on the internet. And you really need to watch Doctor who. Start with the one called "The 11th Hour"

William D said...

Well, Samy, it is a form of prayer, but you aren't adoring them and worshiping them.

William D said...

Sorry, Sammy*