Monday, July 29, 2013

Misfits Collide, a Menry Story

No interesting Blackmmor Manor information today.  Instead, let's have a story.

This story is called Misfits Collide.  It is inspired by the 2013 Scary Nancy Drew Games Marathon, where everyone agreed that Mel Corbalis and Henry Bolet make a cute couple.


Suzanne Klare said...

Hey Michael, a while back, you gave a little preview of your Menry story. What happened to that? Are you going to do one or what?

Anonymous said...

goths are not cool tho. its not natural for people to look like that. henry looked like a girl and god does not want men to dress and wear make up like that. this game really shook my beleafs.

Kuhna said...

The thing that usually worries me about the Mel/Henry pairing is whether or not people will actually delve into something further than just their coincidentally similar style. Which you did, so kudos!

I've entertained the idea of Mel/Lou in the past, but I don't really hardcore ship anyone in the games.

NinjalyJen said...

Just have to say guys, but it was not Michael who wrote this story. I'm NinjalyJen, the author of the Misfits Collide story. Michael is Professor Snaglefoompus on fanfiction - he was simply helping my story get some attention.
He's working on a Menry fic, and I can tell you all that it's totally awesome so far!