Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Brief Q&A Session

Let's have a Q&A, using some of the comments on the previous post.

Q: Were there female priests, at the time of Jesus?
A: Yes. The Roman religion had female priests.

Q: I read that there were female priest at the start of the Catholic Chuch.  Specifically, they are mentioned in Romans 16:1-2 and 1 Timothy 3:8-13.
A: You are mistaken.  Those women were deacons, not priests.  Presumably, they had the power to preach at masses, baptise people and preside over weddings and funerals, like modern deacons.  As you can see, they are similar to priests in many ways.

Q: Why are there no female deacons today, when they existed in the early church?
A: I don't know. There were no deacons at all in America until the 1970's, which also strikes me as somewhat odd.

Q: I believe the Catholic Church should go back to having female deacons.
A: You are not alone.

Q: Has there ever been a female Pope?
A: There is a fictional story about a woman who dressed up like a man and was accidentally elected as Pope.  It's basically the European version of Mulan.

Q: Did you say that priests are spiritually superior to non-priests?
A: No, I did not.  If you are interested in the Church's official teachings on how priests relate to non-priests, you should read Chapter Four of Lumen Gentium.

Q: I agree with what you said yesterday, but now I've decided to disagree.
A: Thank you for your contribution.


Anonymous said...

I think we should all just quit fighting about this, when it is clear that everyone thinks differently about the subject. We are not all going to agree on the same thing, so I just think arguing about it is pointless.

James said...

I don't see this as fighting. Not everybody is Catholic, or even religious, so ideas are going to conflict. It's nearly the foundation of American society to have your own ideas, not conform to that of others, and it's okay. I like reading Michael's ideas, and those of whom who disagree with him. It's a great opportunity to learn about different ways of thinking, and not just read a bunch of confirmation biases.

Now-Skeeved Nautilus said...

Not sure what part of men getting to be Christ while women are only good for playing the the happy housewives isn't claiming spiritual superiority.

...That would also make it, like, the biggest, not-illegal-in-several-countries harem ever. Eek, now this whole thing sounds even worse. D:

Anonymous said... not Catholic so...I have no idea what were talking about here

Anonymous said...

I should just give up expecting you to answer questions that were actually asked in previous blog posts.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are all crazy except for Michael but that's my opinion right=P

William D said...

@James: The comments for previous posts suggest otherwise :/ maybe not a fight, but a very heated discussion about religion/racism/sexism/double standards. But at any rate.
@Anon at 1:15 PM: You just don't wanna get into it :(