Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blackmoor Manor

My walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor divides the game up into eight major sections.  They can be done in pretty much any order, although the final section always comes last.
  • Finding the Forge
  • Pillar of Cupid
  • Pillar of Jupiter
  • Pillar of Knight
  • Pillar of Mercury
  • Pillar of Moon
  • Pillar of Tempus
  • Lighting the Forge

To help with my speedrun, here are basic explanations of how to get through each section.
  • Finding the Forge (go through both hidden passageways and solve triangle puzzle)
  • Pillar of Cupid (solve Brigitte's block puzzle in Nancy's room for telescope lens, use it to get the clue to Penny's machine)
  • Pillar of Jupiter (solve singing stairs, get butter from food)
  • Pillar of Knight (drain well after solving triangle puzzle, solve frog puzzle in conservatory)
  • Pillar of Mercury (move Mercury statue in passage #2)
  • Pillar of Moon (solve Brigitte's block puzzle in Nancy's room for telescope lens, use it on Zodiac puzzle)
  • Pillar of Tempus (do ghost hunt and throw cricket ball on slide)
  • Lighting the forge (solve Aelous puzzle, touch all gargoyles and forge)

That's kind of a lot to keep track of.  Here's my attempt at ordering the challenges.  The things in brackets are part of the hidden passageways:
  • Call for food and get butter
  • Solve Brigitte's block puzzle in Nancy's room for telescope lens
  • Solve zodiac puzle with telescope lens for moon piece
  • Solve Jane's puzzle to get the telescope
  • [Go through both hidden passageways and solve triangle puzzle]
  • [Solve Mercury puzzle for Mercury's Wand]
  • [Solve well puzzle]
  • [Solve Aelous Puzzle in forge]
  • Go to conservatory. Get Knight Piece from frog puzzle and get crank from Mrs. Drake
  • Get Cupid Piece from puzzle unlocked with crank
  • Do the ghost hunt
  • Finish the ghost hunt on singing stairs. Get the singing stairs key
  • Use singing stairs key to get Jupiter piece
  • Get Tempus Piece now that ghost hunt is done
  • Arrange all pipes and light the forge

I delay getting the Jupiter Piece, so I can solve both singing stairs puzzles in one trip.  In the same way, I delay getting the Cupid Piece, so I can do two things in the conservatory.


William D said...

Ahh, so you don't have to keep re visiting them! Smart, Michael!

Anonymous said...

Oh on a separate note, when you ''Oh no the enemies stole Makar! Not Makar! It sounds like your saying my car XD

Breanna(; said...

Thanks Michael, for writing that all down. I'm sure it will help me out a lot in the game!