Friday, July 26, 2013

Blackmoor Manor Speedrun Route

Thanks to you readers, I now know that you can beat Blackmoor Manor with only one glowstick.  Putting together all the information from this week, I have come up with this route for the game.

Today, I'll play it and see if the route is any good. I'll also keep an eye out for possible improvements.
  • Call for food and get butter
  • Solve Brigitte's block puzzle in Nancy's room for telescope lens
  • Solve zodiac puzle with telescope lens for moon piece
  • Go see Linda. Jane interrupts the conversation.
  • Go see Jane. She mentions the "lady in black".
  • Solve Jane's puzzle to get the telescope. Use it for the Cupid Piece puzzle.
  • Go see Linda and ask about the lady in black. Linda tells you to leave.
  • On the second day of the game, you can talk to Linda again. She mentions a hidden passageway.
  • Go see Jane. She gives you the key for the door to the passageway room.
  • Go into the passageway. It's dark.
  • Go to Jane for a glowstick to see in the dark passageway
  • Find the Loulou puzzle at the end of the passageway
  • Talk to Loulou for magic word trigger
  • Talk to Linda to learn of Passageway 2's existence
  • See gargoyle picture downstairs
  • Go to conservatory. Get crank from Mrs. Drake, along with Loulou's magic word
  • Talk to Loulou for password
  • Get Cupid Piece with crank
  • Solve Nigel's typing challenge for a coat of arms
  • Nigel's challenge ends at night, when you can do the ghost hunt
  • Finish the ghost hunt on singing stairs. Get the singing stairs key
  • Use singing stairs key to get Jupiter piece
  • Get Tempus Piece now that ghost hunt is done
  • Solve Loulou puzzle
  • Solve triangle puzzle in Passageway 1
  • Solve gargoyle puzzle to get into Passageway 2
  • In Passageway 2, solve Mercury puzzle
  • Solve triangle puzzle in Passageway 2
  • With both triangle puzzles solved, solve well puzzle
  • See door of forge
  • Go to library and get Mercury's wand
  • Get Knight Piece from frog puzzle
  • Go in library and ask Nigel about ourobourus
  • Arrange all pipes
  • Go in forge and solve Aelous puzzle
  • Light the forge
On a side-note, I really should take this list of things that happen in Blackmoor Manor, and use it to write one of my goofy Nancy Drew stories.  Maybe I can do that when my story about The Deadly Device is concluded.


NinjalyJen said...

It looks like you did a lot of work to come up with that. 0.0

Anonymous said...

Oh, Michael, you were talking about after getting a stronger weapon you get stronger enemies. That happens in Twilight Princess. The second you get the master sword, a lot of upgraded enemies appear :( Also this will be very useful next time I play Curse of Blackmoor Manor :D

L said...

It'd be awesome if you did a goofy CUR story! I've really enjoyed your other ones. Looking forward to the speed run video!