Wednesday, June 5, 2013

YouTube's New Format

Today, YouTube is forcing everyone to switch over to their new channel format.  I guess they're trying to make a format which is more friendly for mobile devices.  It makes sense to do that, because about 30% of my viewers use mobile devices, but I don't like the new format, and here's why.

1. I'm not allowed to have background images anymore. I liked having the old Nancy Drew logo as a background image.

2.  In what I call "a dumb move", there is a seperate section for the "about me" page.  You know, the one-sentence description of my channel.  That does not need its own page!

3. Playlists don't really work on the new channel.  Do you want to watch one of my video series  made before April of 2012?   As in, 3/4 of my content?  Well, good luck.  Old playlists are even harder to find than ever in the new format, which forces them into groups of 20 and sorts them by date.

This was a problem I had with the old format, as well.  I want the choice of having all my playlists appear.  Why is that option off of the table?

I also want the ability to sort my own playlists.  First, I want to put all the Nancy Drew walkthroughs together.  Then, I want to put the Zelda walkthroughs together, the Phoenix Wright walkthroughs together, the Pajama Sam walkthroughs, etc.  I have a logical order that I want my playlists to appear in.  That'd be much better than "auto-sort into groups by date".

Even if I did something drastic like migrate all of my non-Nancy Drew videos to another channel, I'd have problems sorting the playlists, simply because I did not play the games in chronological order.  Bah, humbug!


Suzanne Klare said...

I don't like it, too. I'm so used to the old background, It doesn't feel like your page at all.

Emily Smith said...

Hey michael could you make a list of where all of th phone charms and easter eggs are in the ghost of thornton games i would really appriciate it(;

Miriam said...

I hate this new format. I was so proud of my old background, and now it's just useless. :( It takes away a lot of creativity...

Also, Emily Smith - there are already lists of those on the internet. I forget where I found the one I saw, but it was on a site like Gameboomers or something.

William D said...

When I looked at the youtube channel I saw that! I was wondering what the heck it was. I kept on reloading it hoping it would go away! Darn you Youtube!!!! >:( It's not fair at all!

Anonymous said...

Do not worry, just try to send feedback to Google about it and maybe they'll respond. Until they do that, here's ways to "adapt" to the new format:
1. There is an area for "channel art". Maybe you can use your background as channel art.
2. Explain more about you, and you might have a decent "about you" page.
3. Actually, when I checked the playlists were just shown by date instead of grouped by 20. At least you'll feel better knowing they haven't been split into groups.

An answer for the "playlist grouping and sorting" question: re-upload the videos of games in chronological order. Yes it would be hard and complicated, but it will be worth it. Otherwise, just try to send feedback to Google about it, wait very patiently, and hope they respond to your feedback. You can also try the Help section.

Valentina said...

Yeah, I noticed that too. URGH!! Youtube has changed so much over the years. I can't even remember what it used to look like. I would write to them saying why I am not too fond of these "new and improved" changes.

Emily Smith said...

Thank you Miriam I didn't know.

Anonymous said...

I did the same as William D. I kept reloading your page and my own. I miss my old page. I put your blog page in my favorites now. Couldn't find the link on the new channel.