Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wind Waker HD - Sailing

Nintendo is coming out with an HD remake of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.  Personally, I think this is kind of unnecessary because the original game works just fine on my Wii, but I'm interested in what the new version of the game will be like.

A few interviews with the man in charge of the Zelda series reveals that there will be no new content added.  This includes the content that was originally cut out of the game, due to time constraints.  The sailing in the game is going to be improved, though.  Sailing in the game was limited, due to graphics constraints.

The sailing graphics in Wind Waker work like this.  There are two versions of each island.  Version #1 is the blurry version that you see from far off.  When you get close enough to the island, the game loads Version #2, which is the more detailed version.  You can actually hear the Gamecube disc make a "thunk" sound, when it loads the detailed graphics.

Only one "detailed island" graphic can be displayed at a time.  That's why there is always a large gap between islands; the game needs time to switch from one detailed island to the next.  Another side effect of the island graphics is the fact that most of the islands are extremely small.  Smaller islands are easier to load.

Since the Wii-U has better graphics capabilities than the Gamecube, sailing can go much more quickly.  The game no longer needs the break in between islands in order to load the graphics.  A "fast sail" option is being added to the game, as a result.


Suzanne Klare said...

Good thing they're going to improve the sailing!

Breanna(; said...

That will be nice that they're are going to improve some things in the game, but if they're going to remake the game why not add something new to it to make it more interesting. I don't know just something that went through my mind(:

William D said...

A HD version?!?!? Oh my gosh!!! :D That is amazing, it's one of my favorite games. But is it on the Wii U? If so... D,: because my parents won't let me buy it Y_Y So sad.

Katie said...

How old r u William just wandering?