Sunday, June 16, 2013

Treasure Mathstorm Speedrun

I kind of want to do a speedrun for Treasure Mathstorm, an educational game from the 1990's.  The 1994 version of the game has an exploitable feature, which allows you to go through the game quickly.

Here's the math on the game.  To win the game, you must collect 450 presents.  You can get 15 presents, maximum, on each round of the game.  Therefore, it takes 30 rounds to win.  Since it costs 1 (currency) to get a present, it costs 450 (currency) to get all the presents.

To get through each round, you must get 12 items.  Since it takes 30 rounds to win, you have to get 360 items, total. You can get items for free by solving math challenges, or you can pay 6 (currency) for them.

The currency changes, depending on where you are in the game. Level 1 uses pennies as currency. Level 2 uses nickels, level 3 uses dimes, and level 4 uses quarters.

Here's the exploit: You can manually change which level of gameplay you're on.  The strategy is to switch immediately to Level 4 and get 105 quarters.  This lasts 1.2 rounds, on Level 4.  Then, switch back to Level 1.  You keep the same amount of money, but now it lasts you 30 rounds.

That's the basic strategy.  Get all the money you need at the start of the game, then just coast through 30 rounds buy purchasing all the items in the store.


William D said...

Oh my, this sounds..... interesting? Anyway, I think it would be cool to make a video of.

Anonymous said...

NO! Just start playing Zelda!!!!! I'm soooo excited!

Miriam said...

I used to love that game! :D It won't work on my family's computer or my laptop, though... *sigh*

Kelly said...

YES PLEASE DO A SPEED RUN FOR THIS I LOVE THAT GAME! I can't find any way of getting it on my computer though :(