Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill (2 of 4)

Here are more notes on Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill (1998).

1. The puzzle in the kitchen of Maxine's is pure moon logic.  The solution is to prop up a leaky gas line, by using a soup ladle.  This puzzle makes no sense, even if you decoded the vague clues that tell you what to do.

2. Jake's locker has been covered with police tape, but when you open it, you'll notice that the police did not take anything out of the locker.  This includes a potentially dangerous knife.

3. Nancy steals Jake's knife and uses it to break into the teacher's lounge.  How?  She cuts a hole through the window.  That's out of character for Nancy.  Sure, she has a habit of sneaking into areas where she doesn't belong, but actually vandalizing a school is going too far.

4. The teacher's lounge has an email and a report from the school's head of security.  This means either the school has a dedicated security team, or just one security guard with an overblown title.  Either way, the presence of school security makes you wonder why there is no adult supervision, at any point during the game.  Where was the security when Jake was killed? Where was the security when Nancy broke the window to the teacher's lounger?

Furthermore, read the report in detail. At 8:30 PM, the head of security sees Jake in the school with an unknown man (presumably the murderer). The security guard gives chase, but Jake and the murderer escape through different exits.  Since Jake was alive at this point in time, his murder took place afterwards.

The problem is that Jake died at Paseo Del Mar High,  This means that Jake and the murderer must have broken back into the school, after being chased out by security. WHY? The security caught them once, so why would they return?  The best motive you can come up with is "the murderer wanted to frame another student", but how did he convince Jake to go along with this plan?


Suzanne Klare said...

I thought Nancy came into the teacher's lounge by using the keys from aunt Eloise's?

Ps: 2 out of 4? Looks like you spotted a lot more flaws in the game :)

Breanna(; said...

@ Suzanne Klare: she used the keys to get into the lounge in secrets can kill remastered(: Also Michael, from the way Jake and the murderer acted in the beginning, you would have thought they were friends, because they snuck into the school the first time together and then Jake decided to go back with him and brake into the school again. I just wonder what their motive was in the beginning??? When you give it some thought it really doesn't make any sense.

Kasey said...

I agree with Breanna:]

William D said...

Wow, this game is seriously flawed! I never noticed all this stuff.... Michael, you know everything, you notice everything! Are you magic :O (jk)