Monday, May 27, 2013

Thornton Hall Hauntings

Someone suggested that I make a video of all the spooky/haunting scenes in Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall.  A complete list of these scenes can be found here.

But I don't have an account with the Her Interactive forums.  Could one of you readers do me a huge favor and just copy/paste the list in a comment here?  Please?

[Edit] And someone did it! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Here you go!

- first Charlotte sighting upstairs in hallway
- statue of Charlotte turns to look at you
- shadows in the front door window
- eerie singing at the bottom of the stairs
- stair shadows change
- blurry images of people in basement
- when in the hall facing Charlotte's room, the lights flicker and the door slams shut
- blurry images of people in the parlor
- shadow outside the parlor when Clara is gone
- Charlotte in burned house the first time Nancy visits
- Charlotte in burned house after watching old film
- skeleton above the outside of the crypt points to Nancy
- "Help Me" etched into the fireplace after Clara tells Nancy she saw Charlotte
- Charlotte again upstairs facing the couch
- blue tarp bulges outside of the Charlotte's room
- Charlotte sighting if you look through the peephole before checking Clara's stuff and when you turn around she comes at you
- swing sways by itself
- coffin moves in the crypt
- black widow drops down in front of Nancy after opening the floor board
- Charlotte appears for a second if you rewatch the film
- a strange creature skuttles across the floor in the room with the cotton gin (twice)
- a scythe drops in front of you in the room w/the cotton gin
-when first entering Charlotte's room, a spider runs across her bed
- a handprint appears in the window of the parlor when Clara is away
- shadow when you leave the showroom to the hall
- Hard sound when you walk the stairs in the graveyard to the statue
-Hiriam's eyes blink in his portrait in the parlor
- shadow when leaving the parlor to the hall
- bats fly by when heading toward the ruins
- - near the end of the game the blank tombstone near the fountain says "Nancy Drew"
- if you say the wrong thing to Jessalin near the end, she calls Charlotte's ghost
- if you dig near the wrong symbol at the end, Charlotte's ghost appears

- mdetective12 on HeR Forums :)

Anonymous said...

Also, I don't think it's on the list but sometime when you're on the second floor, you see a blue thing popping out. I forget when this happens but I think that's also one of the hauntinga. -mdetective12

L said...

Thank you!! And yes, like Anonymous says, the blue tarp near Charlotte's room moves at least once.

L said...

Oh wait, I just saw that it is in fact on the list. "blue tarp bulges outside Charlotte's room" Oops!

Anonymous said...

You should make a video of all the music from the game.