Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Deadly Plot Device: Chapter One

Yesterday, I mentioned a Nancy Drew story that I'm writing. It's another parody story, like Weirdness at Waverly Academy and Secrets Can Chill.  This one is based on Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device.


Dear Dad,

Is it kind of weird that I'm always writing letters to you, even though we live in the same house? I think that's kind of weird.

Anyway, the wealthy owner of a research facility in Colorado has asked me to investigate a cold murder case. It seems that Niko Jovic, a brilliant researcher, was killed while on the verge of announcing a groundbreaking scientific theory.

The murder weapon? A Tesla coil that Niko was working with. I don't know who this Tesla guy is, but he's at the top of my suspect list now.

I'm calling this case "The Deadly Plot Device". See you soon.



Suzanne Klare said...

Wait a second, are you going to finish dat Menry story you put in your previous post? This is also a great story, but I'm sure they're people who would want to know more about Menry!

Jen said...

The first line is a killer, Michael! I think it *is* weird, too.

Anonymous said...

Great title!!! What's going to happen Menry?

Anonymous said...

I believe that in the books, Nancy's dad was usually away for a case. How else do you think she gets all these contacts?

Anonymous said...

LOL My top suspect is Tesla >_< HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! Check your history Nancy Drew :/ Any way, I hope you continue this story! Please do more live play-throughs.

Your Devoted Fan.

Monica said...

I am excited for more! Can you finish the Menry story please, that sounds amazing!?

Anonymous said...

I guess the DED story is easier to do because all Michael has to do is turn it into a parody/sketch, while Menry would have to be written from scratch.

Anonymous said...

This made my day!

Bleeding Hearts said...

I love your fanfictions. So cool. *gushes*.

Just a random thought but wouldn't Ryan Kilpatrick and Rentaro make a good couple?