Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sherlock Holmes Spec

Recently, I applied for a job as a writer for a visual novel.  I made it to the second round of applications, before getting rejected.

I still want to write a visual novel, though.  Here's a spec I wrote for a Sherlock Holmes visual novel.  I'd love to be able to turn this into a full game for the iPhone or something like that.


SCENE: 221 Baker Street.  Sherlock Holmes is resting.
Holmes: Ah...
Holmes: A quiet night of rest, after a long journey.
Holmes: This is exactly what the doctor ordered.
(A slamming noise is heard.)

Holmes: Hm.  It appears my friend Dr. Watson has a different prescription in mind.
(Watson bursts into the room.)

Watson: Holmes!  Why didn't you tell me you were back from Liverpool?
Holmes: Good to see you, too, Watson.  How have you been the past fortnight?
Watson: Awful!  Simply awful!
Watson: Things have been intolerably dull since you went on holiday!
Holmes: It wasn't a holiday.  I was there to solve a case.
Watson: Yes, and that's the third case in a row that you've solved without my help.
Watson: I'm starting to feel like you have no need of me at all.
Holmes: Don't be silly.  You know I always enjoy your company, Watson.
Holmes: However, I am afraid that there will be no solving of mysteries tonight.
Holmes: I'm still a bit tired from my trip back to London.
Watson: Nonsense!  It's been over a month since we last solved a case together.
Watson: Why don't we look through The London Times?  They usually report on plenty of unsolved crimes.
Holmes: Read the Times if you must.  I intend on resting.
(Watson reads from the newspaper.)

Watson: increase in vandalism downtown...
Watson: A Miss Barret lost a valuable piece of jewelry...
Watson: Ah, here we go!  A young woman has mysteriously gone missing!
Watson: Sounds like a case worthy of your intellect, Holmes.
Holmes: Interesting...
Watson: What's this?  You know something about the kidnapping?
Holmes: No, Watson.  I find it interesting that you aren't more concerned about the second headline.
Watson: The lost piece of jewelry?  Interesting?
Watson: Pardon me for asking, but what's so important about a woman losing one of her trinkets?
Holmes: That particular woman happens to be your sister-in-law.
Watson: WHAAAT???
Watson: (reading the paper) Miss Olivia Barret, of...
Watson: Why, you're correct, Holmes!  That IS Mary's sister!
Holmes: ...Sometimes your powers of deduction amaze me, Watson.
Watson: Well, if Mary's sister is the victim, we HAVE to help her!
Watson: Mary will never let me hear the end of it, if we don't.
Holmes: Go on, then.  Tend to your relative.  I will remain here.
Watson: Oh, no you don't, Holmes.  You're coming with me.
Watson: This is one case we can't afford to fail.
SCENE: Barret Residence. Holmes and Watson are outside.

Holmes: I still don't see why I had to come all this way to find a missing piece of jewelry.
Holmes: She probably dropped it behind the bureau when she wasn't paying attention.
Watson: Hm...
Holmes: What is it, Watson?  Is something amiss?
Watson: No, it's just...
Watson: The last time I was here, I told Olivia about our adventures together in Dartmoor.
Holmes: Yes, the Baskerville Case.  What about it?
Watson: I may have been...less than honest when describing the case.
Holmes: Oh?
Watson: I changed a few details here and there.  Just to make things more exciting, you know.
Watson: It probably won't come up, but if it does...
Watson: Could you please humor her a bit?  If she asks about our previous cases, that is.
Holmes: Of course, Watson.  I understand completely.
Holmes: I'll try my best not to embarrass you in front of your relatives.
Watson: Oh, excellent!
Watson: But I'm sure it won't come up.  They've probably forgotten all about my detective stories by now.
SCENE: Barret Residence. Holmes and Watson are inside.

Watson: Olivia!  Jolly good to see you again!
Olivia: John Watson!  It's been an age since you last came by!
Olivia: And you must be his faithful companion, Mr. Shomes!
Holmes: That's Sherlock Holmes, actually.
Olivia: It's so good you're here, John.  We need your brilliant detective skills right about now!
Olivia: Why, if anyone can help find my necklace, it's you!  You're the smartest man in all of England!
Olivia: I still remember last Christmas, when you told us how you single-handedly saved Queen Victoria's life!
Holmes: ..."Changed a few details here and there", eh, Watson?
Watson: Heh heh...
Watson: Indeed, Olivia.  We have come here to help you.
Olivia: That is such a relief, Doctor!  With you on the case, my necklace is as good as found!
Olivia: If there's any way I can help you, please let me know!
[A list of conversation topics pops up.]


Suzanne Klare said...

WHAT?! They REJECTED YOU? You're the best writer I know! You write funny, mysterious, have a great wordschoice, I MEAN COME ON!!! YOU SHOULD BE A WRITER AND SELL MILLIONS OF BOOKS! Write a visual novel, PLEASE, Michael! The world needs you're humor, and sense of writing! Show the world how damn good of a writer you are!
(I'm super hyper now, but that doesn't change my opinion)

Suzanne Klare said...

Buy the way, LOVE the story. What brings me back to my previous comment:
I'm sorry, but I just can't believe it. I would buy all of you're books!

Anonymous said...

How could they reject you?! That was amazing!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I second what Suzanne said. I WOULD TOTALLY BUY ALL YOUR BOOKS TOO!

Anonymous said...

Your writing is not bad, but I'm sorry to tell you that you are not the best writer I know.

I just believe God called you to be other things, like being a priest, as you are studying to become one.

Saying that though is a little hard for me, because I am not of the Roman Catholic denomination. I am a Christian a very strong one indeed. Just,the Catholic traditions is not what I believe in.

On other terms, we are very alike. I am a girl, so I cannot be a pastor. But I will spread God's word in whatever I end up doing. If I'm a cashier, that's what God meant me to be. If I become a world famous author (Which I want to be), that is what God wanted me to be and I will do my best.

This comment is becoming rather lengthy, so I will end here. God bless you Michael and everything you do!



L said...

I really enjoyed that. You did a good job. I'm sure you'll get more of your writing accepted sometime soon--just keep at it! :)

Breanna(; said...

They're all crazy for rejecting you!!! I love reading your stories and the one you wrote today was great:D

Kelly said...

I would play this if it became an app! And as for the rejection, keep at it Michael, you are very talented!

Anonymous said...


Zjazz said...

Brilliant, Michael!

Ali said...

How could they reject you?! Clearly their heads are on backwards. That must be it.

D said...

That was a fantastic-sounding introduction! You should definitely stick with that, I'd most certainly play it!