Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Secondary Differences

The response I got yesterday seems to be rather positive, so I'll continue talking about the secondary differences between men and women.

I've got a list of four things, which people sometimes say are differences between men and women.
  • Women are more caring and considerate than men.
  • Women listen more than men.
  • Men are more protective than women.
  • Men are more aggressive than women.
Question: Are these statements true or not?

I know at least one reader who believes these statements are false.  She argued that men and women behave, depending on what they are taught by society.  That is true, but society is not the only thing which helps shape people's behavior.  Biology can also play a role in determining how people act.  In fact, many people take pills to directly change their hormones (and indirectly change their behavior).

So I want to hear your thoughts.  Are some behaviors more feminine than others?  Are there some behaviors which are naturally male?  Or are men and women mostly the same, even though they act differently for various reason?


Suzanne Klare said...

The first three statements are mostly true, but I need to argue about the last one. You can ask anyone in my class, because I'm pretty agressive. And I'm a girl. But generally, your right. I'd like to add that women can hold a grudge longer, but that's not always true, either, but generally, yes.

Paramore_Fan said...

I think that two of the statements have variables- the one about men being aggressive and the one about men being protective.
Yes, a man is SUPER protective. I'd know - my dad is very protective of me (in a good way, not crazy or anything). But on the flipside, you've got to realize that women are protective as heck too. Why do you think that it's a bad idea to run into a mother bear with cubs? Because females - no matter what species - are extremely protective of their children. They would do anything for them, even if it means dying. So I think that both males and females are protective.
As for being aggressive, males are generally the most aggressive, but like the first commenter, I am a girl who is extremely aggressive. I think that one can slide both ways too.

Anonymous said...

I think you are giving biology too much credit, Michael. Many people underestimate the influence of societies. For example, maternal instincts do not actually exist. There is an initial wave of hormones following childbirth, but anything beyond that is the result of an emotional attachment. Now, assuming you've studied psychology, you know that emotions do have a physical effect, but in more cases than not, emotions influence physical response rather than emotions being cause by physiology. Hormones control the response to the feeling rather than the actual feeling. Women are taught to be caring. Men are taught this too, but to a lesser extent. Women listen more because men usually just want to fix things, which they are taught they must do to be a man. Men and women are equally protective, it's just shown in different ways. Men being more aggressive might be the only one that has any biological basis, but social influences make it much more obvious.

Justice said...

My current thoughts on the four things:

1. I'd say women are naturally more considerate and caring than men, as a matter of us being "wired" to take care of children, but I think guys can be taught to tune in and be more sensitive to others, if they have somebody to open their eyes to that aspect of life. And there are boys who are just naturally caring, but I think some of them might seem to "grow out of it" and act more macho because they don't want to be thought of as a wimp.

2. I must say, I really think this is true - especially when the speaker is a woman! But again, there are exceptions.

3. I'm not so sure I agree with this one. Men are more protective of their girlfriends/wives than vice versa, it seems, but women usually are the majorly protective one when it comes to kids, whereas the dad might have a SLIGHTLY relaxed attitude about that stuff.

4. Men are created to be the heads and defenders of their families, so I believe it makes sense that men are more aggressive. This is not to say that there are not many strong-willed, courageous women out there, but men still have the majority of the aggressive instinct. I think one of the evidences of this is how it's still mostly men in the military, even though women are now allowed to join.

Just my two cents. :)

Anonymous said...

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