Saturday, May 25, 2013

Problems with The Captive Curse

When I think about it, the ending to Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse makes no sense.  For those of you who don't remember that game, here's what happens:

[Culprit] kidnaps Lukas and locks him up in the dungeon.  Nancy frees Lukas, and he leaves the dungeon.  The door automatically locks behind Lukas when he leaves, which means Nancy is trapped inside.

[Culprit] then knocks Nancy unconscious with one punch.  [Culprit] throws Nancy into a pit.  Nancy manages to escape the pit, and she returns to the dungeon.  At this point, [Culprit] appears and talks to Nancy.  While [Culprit] gives a villanous monologue, Nancy opens the door to the pit and traps [Culprit] inside.  The end.


There are so many questions I have about this.  Let's tackle them in the order they occur.

1.  Why did [Culprit] lock Lukas in the dungeon?  It's not like Lukas poses a major threat to the monster, or anything.  My best guess is that [Culprit] wanted to lure Nancy down to the dungeons, but that's kind of iffy.

2. Why did the door automatically lock behind Lukas?  Did the culprit somehow lock it, after Nancy went inside?  How?  It's not like that door has a key.  Why couldn't Lukas unlock the door?

3. Where was [Culprit] while Nancy freed Lukas?  Judging from where Nancy gets knocked unconscious, [Culprit] entered the dungeon from the hidden passageways.  But if that's true, it would have been impossible for [Culprit] to manipulate the doorway on the other side of the dungeon.

4. Why does [Culprit] knock Nancy unconscious, then throw her in a pit?  As [Culprit] later explains in the monologue, the plan was to kill Nancy, because she is the girl in the dress.  Why didn't [Culprit] kill Nancy right away?

5. Why is [Culprit] completely unsurprised, when Nancy escapes the pit?  You think [Culprit] would at least show some emotion at seeing Nancy again.

6. Why is [Culprit] still wearing the monster costume and hanging around in the dungeon?  There is nothing there for [Culprit] to do.

7. Many people have wondered about the fact that Nancy defeats the culprit, by trapping [Culprit] in the pit.  After all, Nancy just escaped from that pit, no less than a minute ago.  It's clearly not a safe place to hold someone captive.

8. Speaking of "captive", why is the game called "The Captive Curse"?  What is this curse, and what does it have to do with captivity?  I thought the game was about a monster who kidnaps women.


Suzanne Klare said...

I have another question:
When [Culprit] holds his/her monologue, Nancy uses the panel where the necklace fits, to trap [Culprit]. Why isn't [Culprit] Trying to stop Nancy? He/she could at least pay some attention to the fact that nancy is defeating him/her, even though he/she is holding his/her "I am so evil" monologue. Nancy does this act right under [Culprit]'s nose! I don't get it!

Stephan rose said...

I still think [Culprit] is one of the best-looking ND characters EVER!

Anonymous said...

Also, they never explained the underline plot about all the girls who were kidnapped. What happened to them?

Sammy said...

Yes, what happened to all the other kidnapped girls? And who was the monster back then? It certainly wasn't the culprit in this game...

Anonymous said...

I think the "curse" is the fact that there's always a young woman captured by the monster throughout the history of the castle.

Anonymous said...

Precisely, Michael, (I was harrydooley5, the one who asked why the culprit couldn't leave the pit) But, anyway, another point is, HOW did the culprit get that trap door open anyway?!?!?! Nancy was the one with the amulet, which was the only thing that could it. And like you said, why was the culprit just hanging around?!? Also (like I asked at the live stream) I know it was part of the puzzle, but why was there such a darn complicated lock?!??!?!? I have often wondered about the ending to this gam. Also, why doesn't the culprit just attack you even when you guess the name correctly!!! I just don't understand it.

Anonymous said...

Number one: Why was Lukas locked in there?

Do you remember the relationship between the culprit and Lukas? The culprit wanted to get back at him.


Anonymous said...

Does no one know what happend to the girls who were kidnapped? I really want to know now! Someone must know right?

Thenwink said...

Michael, you have some very good questions. I would be very curious to see what HeR's answers are. They have a email for game plot questions like this at: :)

Elentarien said...

These are all good questions. Though, I must say, as much as I enjoy the Nancy Drew games. . .their stories are always a little weak. (Then again, thats often a problem with games period, I suppose, But anyway. .)

The only one I can answer is "Why didn't [Culprit] kills Nancy right away?"

Well, my guess is that given who the Culprit IS . . .they couldn't do it. There's a HUGE difference between scaring people, and damaging property, and actually KILLING someone. Maybe the culprit figured that it was easier to trap Nancy - and supposedly leave her to die - and not have to *watch* her die, as opposed to actually doing the deed themselves. (Not that that'd make the culprit less guilty if that plan had actually worked, but I suppose it'd take less. . .whatever than doing it deliberately, face to face.)

Or. . .maybe [Culprit] secretly hoped Nancy would escape anyway? Or. . .something like that.

Just a thought anyway.

But the rest of the questions continue to be a 'huh?' to me too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for a really late comment...I was just randomly browsing your posts today and noticed this.

First of all, I actually didn't think of half the points you make here, but they're definitely true. #7 is an especially good point. I guess the ending is one of those that slightly falls apart when you analyze it, although when you're caught up in playing it, you don't notice the problems as much.

Anyway, I think I have an idea about #8. When you think about it, all the characters in the game are being "held captive" by something in their pasts, right? Renate is trying to fix what she accidentally caused, Karl is haunted by what he saw, Lukas still can't quite deal with living in the castle, Anja has yet to come to terms with what happened to her, and the rest of the castle's residents are in mortal fear of the monster. So in essence, everybody's under a "captive" curse, with "captive" being more of an adjective describing the curse in this case. It's not a curse that's being held captive, it's a curse that holds someone captive, with the circumstances varying for each person.

But yeah, I hope I explained myself makes sense to me, at least!