Thursday, May 16, 2013

Legend of the Crystal Skull Speedrun

I'm working on a speedrun for Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull.  Here are some things that I've found out.

1.  If the first eyeball you get is the one in the trophy, Henry talks about it. If you get a different eyeball first, Henry doesn't say anything.

2. When Nancy first calls Bess, she mentions Renee and the tracing left behind by the Skeleton Man.  But if you call Bess early on, before Nancy meets Renee or finds the tracing, Nancy doesn't mention those things.

3.  Oddly enough, you don't need to make tracings, in order to solve the tracing puzzle. All you have to do is visit the mausoleum with charcoal and paper in your inventory.  You can immediately turn around at that point and enter the tracing puzzle solution, without getting any of the tracings.

4.  You don't need to look at the hoodoo symbols on Renee's wall, in order to solve the hoodoo puzzle. All you have to do is look in her book.


Suzanne Klare said...

When are you going to upload the speedrun?

Anonymous said...

^ He'll upload it when he finishes it.

Sammy said...

You must have had to play through the game a bunch of times to figure that all out...impressive!

Sani said...

Oh another speedrun! I love when you do them. It really is interesting to find out what triggers what, what's necessary to advance the game, etc, etc. Sometime in the future, would a TRT speedrun be possible?

Anonymous said...

Since you are doing this, I thought you might be interested to know I did a speed run for Ghost of Thornton Hall and beat it in 43: 32. Fast forwarding through the necessary/unavoidable conversations REALLY cuts down on the time. That was my first try though, so I’m going to see it I can beat it.

Interesting things I learned though is that the hauntings in garden (like the statue moving) will not happen until Nancy goes into the house, and you only have to talk to Colton three times. The first time (unavoidable) when you first arrive at the house and he stops you, the second time when you overhear him about Lexie and you go outside and he stops you (unavoidable) and the last time (the only time you really need to talk to him) is at the very end of the game when he gives you the clue to help with the safe. You don’t even have to have the conversation where he says he is there to forget something in order for him to give you the paper. I felt sorry for Colton. 99% of what he says is fluff. :(

Anonymous said...

The first one is totally wrong. If u pick up the eye from the trophy first Henry doesn't say anything. But If it's the 3rd one, Nancy asks him about the many eyeballs and Henry says that his uncle collected them. "Your uncle sure had a thing 4 eyeballs" if that was the first eye then Nancy wouldn't have said that.It's logical.