Friday, May 31, 2013

Hockey Playoffs

The hockey playoffs are currently going on.  My favorite hockey team is my home team, the San Jose Sharks.  They can play well during the regular season, but during the playoffs, they always lose.

In fact, they are one of twelve teams who have never won the playoffs.

The sad thing is that the Sharks currently have a "making the playoffs" streak.  With nine consecutive years and nothing to show for it, they are #1 in the category of "currently making the playoffs and not winning".  Washington is #2, with six years, and Vancouver is #3 with five.

Question: Is it better or worse to root for a team who never makes the playoffs, or a team who always makes the playoffs and loses?


Suzanne Klare said...

At least ou're not a wuss that always cheers for the team with the greatest chance of winning. You stick with the Sharks, and that's what counts. You're a great fan (plus, can you please continue The Mystery of the Broken Heart? I want to know how Nancy will react when she discovers it's about her birthday party)

Anonymous said...

Go Penguins!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Detroit so I wouldn't know.

Sorry, Michael, I had to. I know how you feel about Red Wings fans.

Sammy said...

I'm also from the Detroit area, (about 20 minutes south) So my family are Red Wings fans. I know that they were in the playoffs, because it's been all over my facebook wall, but since I am not a sports fan at all, I have no idea if they are still playing. I think the Red Wings usually do pretty well, but I couldn't tell you anything else. I'm no help when it comes to sports...:p ~Samantha

Suzanne Klare said...

Hey Michael, I got an idea. What if your next Nancy Drew Marathon will be a abroad Nancy Drew marathon? The silent spy will be in Scotland, and there are a lot of Nancy Drew games that take place abroad! Like Danger for Design, Creature of kapu cave, white wolf of icicle creek, phantom of venice, ransom of the seven ships, tomb of the lost queen, I mean think about it! Silent spy is a long way to go, but could you consider it?

Rose-Marie said...

Being a hockey player and coming from a large hockey family, we are die-hard Minnesota Wild fans. (Well, we are in the state of hockey, after all:) But I do really like the Sharks as well. I would go with the team that you personally root for, no matter where you're from!!