Saturday, May 11, 2013


I think we've talked enough about soulmates.  Let's move on to complementarianism, the superior alternative to soulmate theory.

In soulmate theory, the idea is that two soulmates complete each other. In complementarianism, the two romantic partners complement each other.  They go well together and work together to build a strong relationship.

Typically, in a relationship, you see people do different things, based on their strengths.  For example, in my relationship with Shana, she tends to be the one who does the cooking, because she went to culinary school, and I once burnt macaroni and cheese.  The fact that Shana is good at cooking doesn't take anything away from me, or make me lesser.  We're different, and it's logical for her to do what she's good at, while I do what I'm good at.

This is the mindset that the Catholic Church has.  Men and women are different, and one such difference is that only men can become priests, while only women can become nuns.  This doesn't take away from one gender or make one gender better than the other.  The two genders have different roles, but ultimately they complement each other and work together for the good of the whole.

You can see this mindset in other places, which is why I brought up the topic of secondary differences between men and women.   Currently, in the United States, people believe that women are naturally more caring and nurturing than men.  Because of this, the US Court system favors women in custody disputes; the idea is that children should be raised by their mother, not their father, because women are more caring.

Your thoughts?  Do you like complementarianism?  Does it make sense?  Should I stop being so philosophical and go back to talking about things like videogames and movies?


Suzanne Klare said...

You can philosophical all you want, I like the serious posts. But I think you should continue with the Menry story, and "The Deadly Plot Device". On the Complementarianism theme, those talents you're talking about aren't gender specific. My dad is a great cook, and there are a lot of mothers who are horrible cooks. People should do what they're good at, I agree on that one. Maybe there are women who are much more qualafied for being a priest than men. People should use their talents, and if there are women who would be good at being a priest, than let them be.
You're girlfriend's name is Shana? We're hearing more and more of her almost every blogpost...

Breanna(; said...

I finished the ghost of thornton hall yesterday and it was great. The ending suprised me though. The next game looks like it's going to be real interesting the three letter abbreviation is TSS.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of complementarianism, but I do not believe that souls and the gender have any sort of connection. There are not personality traits exclusive to men or women, which is why I do not believe in rigid gender roles. If a women has traits that better suit her to be a priest instead of of nun, she should be allowed to be a priest. The same goes for men with traits that better suit them to be a nun. No one is good or bad at anything because of his or her reproductive parts.

Emma said...

Heck yeah @anonymous 12:22. Gender roles should not be defined by society--one should be able to choose which, if any, role they assign to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Michael, I just want to go and give you a big hug right now and also an appaluse and demand an encore!!!:):):):):) I am cheering you on, because you are speaking up for the Catholic Church and God against the world. It goes like this: Go, Michael, go and speak on, brother!!! I bet God is beaming and pleased right now at all the truth that you are saying. God Bless you!!!:)