Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nancy Drew Marathon

Since everyone is interested in my potential Nancy Drew marathon, here's an update.

They do not have the Nancy Drew games at the library here in Portland, but they have them at the library back in California.  I'm flying to California at the end of the month, so I can put a hold for them now and pick them up when I arrive.

Then, I'll install the games on my computer, so I can play them for the marathon.  The new Nancy Drew game comes out in mid-May, so it's possible for me to do a marathon before the new game comes out.

Question: Is it possible to play the Nancy Drew games, without having the CD with you?  I know you can do it with the more recent games, like Tomb of the Lost Queen, but I remember that some of the older games ran off of a CD.  Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake did, at least.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, all the old ones do. You could copy the disc though.

Sinthu said...

Hey Michael! So to answer your question, yes you do not need to have the cd to play the Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake game. I too like you, borrowed the game fron the library and managed to play without the cd after installing. If i'm not wrong, games like Secret of the Old Clock and Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon are the ones that require the cd after installation.

Anonymous said...

It depends on the version. HER has released copies of Message in a Haunted Mansion on up that work without the disk.

Generally from a library, though, only White Wolf of Icicle Creek on up will work without the disk.

Anonymous said...

All the games up to #15, Creature of Kapu Cave need a disc to run.

Anonymous said...

For all the older games you have to have the disk in order to play. The full download versions are recent releases.

Anonymous said...


Tiffany said...

All of the scary games you listed, you don't need the CD, just install it.

Anonymous said...

So how are you going to go about the recording issue?

Anonymous said...

Here's a list of Nancy Drew games that will work on your computer without a disc:
Treasure in the Royal Tower
The Final Scene
Secret of the Scarlet Hand
The Haunted Carousel
The Curse of BLackmoor Manor
Danger by Design
The Creature of Kapu Cave
White Wolf of Icicle Creek
Phantom of Venice
The Haunting of Castle Malloy
Trail of the Twister
Secrets Can Kill Remastered
Shadow at the Water's Edge
Alibi in Ashes
Tomb of the Lost Queen
The Deadly Device

ReadingRach said...

I am interested in your comment about the Portland library not having the computer games. My old library in Illinois had lots of computer games, as well as XBox 360, Wii, and Playstation 3 games, but now that I live in Mississippi, none of the local libraries have computer games or any type of games. They seemed surprised when I told them about my old library. I have decided that libraries in suburban Chicago are AWESOME. Mississippi libraries. . .not. so. much.

Anonymous said...

i have moonlake and i dont need the cd