Thursday, April 4, 2013

General Hospital

1. General Hospital is having its 50th anniversary this week.  There are many actors who have agreed to come back to the show, just for the occasion.  Unfortunately, the only "big name" celebrities we've seen so far are Richard Simmons and some guy from Dancing with the Stars.

Where are all the celebrities who used General Hospital to help launch their careers?  I want to see John Stamos and Demi Moore.  Mark Hamill gave a nice "I loved acting on this show" quote that GH showed off on their Facebook page, but I doubt he's going to appear in person.

2.  Some of the actors who wanted to return for the 50th anniversary technically couldn't return.  The characters they play are dead.

To work around this problem, they had the characters come back, as ghosts.  That was a weird Tuesday.

3. ABC has run a bunch of commercials, promoting the big 50th anniversary special.  All these commercials feature big musical numbers.  The week is already halfway over, and I have seen no musical numbers at all.  Maybe they're saving them all for Friday, or something.

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Stephan rose said...

Richard Simmons?? I have to see that!