Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Idea

I've been thinking more about having a Nancy Drew marathon, despite the fact that it would take way too long to record.

What if I save the "all 30 games in a row" marathon for next year, when the thirtieth game is released?  Instead, right now, I try a shorter marathon.  Maybe a "scary games" marathon, leading up to the release of the undoubtedly-scary Ghost of Thorton Hall.

Which games are the scary ones?  I'm not sure.  How about these ones?  They all take place at night.  That makes them scary, right?
  • Curse of Blackmoor Manor
  • Legend of the Crystal Skull
  • Haunting of Castle Malloy
  • Shadow at the Water's Edge
  • The Captive Curse
If I'm missing your favorite scary game, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Message in a Haunted Mansion! It's the creepiest, in my opinion.

Katie said...

I'd agree, you could probably add Message in a Haunted Mansion as a good throwback to the older games. That one terrified me when I was younger--the creepy was much more subtle.

Anonymous said...

yea i think a scary nancy drew game marathon is a perfect idea since the newest game looks pretty scary!!

Cheryl said...

I agree! I think Message in the Haunted Mansion is a pretty freaky game! That would be a great addition.

Eleni Di Carlo said...

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake was terrifying because of the howling and dogs scratching on the door at night. But the scarest is Legend of the Crystal Skull with the whole suspected murder and creepy New Orlens Graveyard. If you are looking for a real psychological horror game that istn't Nancy Drew related check out Amnesia: the Dark Descent. You can buy it from Steam. I found it absolutely the scarest game I have ever played.

Good Luck with the marathon!

Anonymous said...

You absolutely have to do Message in a Haunted Mansion! 'Nuff said. ;-)

And Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake would be a totally awesome addition to your playlist.

Unknown said...

I gave Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake to my grandson when he was about 10. He would turn all the lights out and play the game. Scared the pants off him!

Anonymous said...

I think Message in the Haunted Mansion was scariest because it wasn't in your face like all the others. It was the shadows and noises you would hear, like an actual haunted house. And as my brother always says, there is nothing scarier than your imagination! Herinteractive needs to make more games like that.

Stephan rose said...

Solid list,Michael!
I'm so glad you included Crystal Skull, MY personal fave ND game! :D
The other commenters are right, do NOT leave "Message" out!!

Anonymous said...

You had the same idea as Little Jackalope from the Amateur Sleuth Blog.
Only she also chose MHM and DOG. ;)