Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nancy Drew Marathon

The 2013 Scary Nancy Drew Games marathon is officially over. Thanks to everyone who participated.

I will attempt to get the videos on Youtube soon.   I tried to split my recordings into hour-long segments, so I figure that I'll upload videos at the rate of one per day.  And when I'm done, we'll be pretty close to the release of Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thorton Hall.  All right!


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Scary Nancy Drew Games Marathon

As I said yesterday, there were recording issues with the 2013 Scary Nancy Drew Games Marathon.

My solution?  I'm adding an extra recording session, on Monday.  This one will be targeted at Europeans, seeing as it will take place at 4:00 PM GMT (9:00 AM PST).

Friday, April 26, 2013

Scary Nancy Drew Games Marathon

The 2013 Scary Nancy Drew Games Marathon seems to be going well.  People are enjoying it, and that's great.  Ustream, the website I'm using, even Tweeted about the event.

There is a problem, though.  There was a weird echo, in the official recordings of the first two games (Legend of the Crystal Skull and The Captive Curse).  If I want to include them in the marathon, I'll have to re-record those games.

But that's like...five hours of re-recording.  I'm tempted to simply throw out the idea of putting footage from the marathon up on Youtube.  Thoughts?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Scary Nancy Drew Games Marathon

I have finalized plans for the 2013 Scary Nancy Drew Games Marathon.

Wednesday, April 24 - 4:00 PM PST - Legend of the Crystal Skull
Thursday, April 25 - 4:00 PM PST - The Captive Curse
Saturday, April 27 - 4:00 PM PST - Haunting of Castle Malloy
Sunday, April 28 - 4:00 PM PST - Shadow at the Water's Edge


Monday, April 22, 2013

Nancy Drew Livestream

After a lot of work, I figured out how to do a livestream.  I can now play a Nancy Drew game live, while people watch.  There's even a chatroom, so everyone can comment on what I'm doing and saying, and I can read their comments.

I did the test run of the system yesterday, by playing Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered.  Now that I have complete video footage of the game, maybe I can do a video review of it.  We'll see.

The next step is for me to schedule an official date and time, to record games for my 2013 Scary Nancy Drew Games Marathon.  Which dates and times work best for you readers?  Let me know, and I'll use your feedback to schedule recording times.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Sleeping Planet

The third episode of Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space is called The Sleeping Planet.  That's because, as soon as our heroes land on a planet, they encounter purple gas which puts them (and everyone else) to sleep.

This is a good episode of the show.  Unlike the previous episode, the writing is well-done.  Here are three ways the writing was good.

1. The jokes were funny. The previoius episode had a laugh track.

2. All the different characters had an opportunity to display their unique personalities.  That can be tough to do, when you're writing for a show that has eight or more characters.  Just watch the last season of Full House, if you don't believe me.  Michelle dominates every episode, to the point where characters like Joey are lucky to have any screentime at all.  And when Joey does get screentime, he says generic comments like, "Oh no!  What's wrong?", which could have been said by any cast member, without hurting the quality of the episode.

3.  The episode has a plot!  When something happens at the start of the episode, it becomes important later on in the episode!  The episode also employs dramatic irony, which is what you call it when the audience knows something that the main characters don't.

Don't get me wrong; it's not Shakespeare.  But I'm not going to argue when a script effectively uses literary techniques.  A cohesive plot is much better than a plot that's simply thrown together, all willy-nilly.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Fools Day Joke

This year, for April Fools Day, Youtube did an extremely long video, in which they announced the nominees for Best Youtube Video. I can't be bothered to watch it, but I'm told that one of my videos was nominated, somewhere in the first hour.

Which video do you think got nominated? Which video should have been nominated for Best Youtube Video?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Scary Nancy Drew Games Marathon

I've been talking about doing a marathon of scary Nancy Drew games recently.  It turns out that I'm not the only one.  Little Jackalope, on the Amateur Sleuth blog, has been talking about it, too.

The difference is that she is way more organized about it than I am.  I'm kind of jealous.  I tend to get distracted from my projects, by random things like, I dunno, the fact that the Doritos I bought last week don't taste the way I remember them tasting.

Anyway, here are the games that I can play and do a livestream for, because they have the option to play in windowed mode.  Is "livesteam" what they call it, when you do a live broadcast of your computer screen?  Or is there some other fancy term or website which works much better? I dunno.

  • #17: Legend of the Crystal Skull
  • #19: Haunting of Castle Malloy
  • #23: Shadow at the Water's Edge
  • #24: The Captive Curse
  • Thursday, April 18, 2013

    Three Things Thursday

    1. I saw an advertisement for Kickboxer 3: The Art of War, a direct-to-video movie made in 1992.  It's not a good movie, but the suggested retail price for it was $89.98.

    That was overpriced in the 1990's, and it's overpriced today.  Who made that suggestion?

    2. When I was in school, I took history classes.  I'm told that kids no longer study history; instead, they have social studies.

    What's social about social studies?

    3. By now, I have passed over 30,000,000 views on Youtube.  All right!

    Wednesday, April 17, 2013

    Video Reviews

    Yesterday, I discovered that there are some Youtube channel which do funny reviews of books and movies and whatever.  I'd like to do a series of reviews like that for the Nancy Drew games, only that would be a ton of work.  I spent all of two minutes, trying to write one for Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill before giving up.

    In the interests of sharing, here are the bullet points I came up with.
    • Bess and George are useless in this game.  You're supposed to be able to call them for hints, but their hints are more along the lines of "This is puzzling" and "I know you can solve the mystery".  Bah.
    • Apparently, one of the books in Aunt Eloise's has a key inside, which you can use to open the trunk against her wall.  That allows you to get a quarter.  What is the quarter for?  I completely forget.
    • Why did this game come on two CDs?  It is seriously not large enough, to necessitate that.  There are larger games, which came before and after this one, that were able to fit on one CD.

    Tuesday, April 16, 2013

    Nancy Drew Marathon

    Since everyone is interested in my potential Nancy Drew marathon, here's an update.

    They do not have the Nancy Drew games at the library here in Portland, but they have them at the library back in California.  I'm flying to California at the end of the month, so I can put a hold for them now and pick them up when I arrive.

    Then, I'll install the games on my computer, so I can play them for the marathon.  The new Nancy Drew game comes out in mid-May, so it's possible for me to do a marathon before the new game comes out.

    Question: Is it possible to play the Nancy Drew games, without having the CD with you?  I know you can do it with the more recent games, like Tomb of the Lost Queen, but I remember that some of the older games ran off of a CD.  Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake did, at least.

    Monday, April 15, 2013

    Chaos: A Fantasy Adventure Game

    My latest video walkthrough, which will last all the way to the 20th, is Chaos: A Fantasy Adventure Game.  It's a game from 1996, which is about chaos theory.  I'm moderately surprised at how popular this walkthrough has been. True, it's a fun game, but it's also extremely obscure.

    Not to be mean, but who came up with the name Chaos: A Fantasy Adventure Game?  I would have just called it Chaos, or maybe Chaos Theory: The GameSuper Mario RPG was also released in 1996; maybe it was a trend that year to put a game's genre in its title.

    Sunday, April 14, 2013

    Cate West: The Vanishing Files

    I played the prologue of Cate West: The Vanishing Files, as part of my effort to play games in alphabetical order.

    I didn't like this game much.

    Saturday, April 13, 2013

    Nancy Drew Marathon

    I read everyone's responses, and it seems that this is the list of scary Nancy Drew games.  Included with each game is the time it took me to beat it:
    • #3: Message in a Haunted Mansion (2:10)
    • #7: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake (2:40)
    • #12: Curse of Blackmoor Manor (3:15)
    • #17: Legend of the Crystal Skull (2:40)
    • #19: Haunting of Castle Malloy (3:30)
    • #23: Shadow at the Water's Edge (6:10)
    • #24: The Captive Curse (4:30)

    Adding those up, it took about 25 hours combined, for me to beat those seven games.  That's a long time, if I try to do a marathon of all those games.

    I should probably note that the only games on the list which I currently own are Shadow at the Water's Edge and Haunting of Castle Malloy.

    I should also probably note that it's harder for me to record the first three games on the list.  Those games all run in fullscreen, and they can't run on windowed mode.  My new recording equipment only likes games that can run in windowed mode.  Computers are weird like that, sometimes.

    So...I'm not sure where to go from here.  Should I try to go forward with the marathon, should I only pick a few games from the list to play, or should I...I dunno, what do you think?

    Friday, April 12, 2013

    Another Idea

    I've been thinking more about having a Nancy Drew marathon, despite the fact that it would take way too long to record.

    What if I save the "all 30 games in a row" marathon for next year, when the thirtieth game is released?  Instead, right now, I try a shorter marathon.  Maybe a "scary games" marathon, leading up to the release of the undoubtedly-scary Ghost of Thorton Hall.

    Which games are the scary ones?  I'm not sure.  How about these ones?  They all take place at night.  That makes them scary, right?
    • Curse of Blackmoor Manor
    • Legend of the Crystal Skull
    • Haunting of Castle Malloy
    • Shadow at the Water's Edge
    • The Captive Curse
    If I'm missing your favorite scary game, let me know.

    Thursday, April 11, 2013

    Make Way for the Multi-Men

    Episode 2 of Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space is titled Make Way for the Multi-Men.  It is a horrible, horrible episode, and I do not recommend watching it.

    The episode takes place on the planet of the Cat People.  The Cat People have a magnet, which only works on cats.  Using this magnet, they get Alexandra's pet cat, and they kidnap our heroes.

    Josie's band performs a musical number, for no real reason.  After this, the kidnapping is completely forgotten, for no real reason.  Our heroes then go to another part of the planet, so they can fight an evil robot and save the Queen of the Cat People.

    The robot has a ray gun, which creates clones.  He makes multiple copies of himself, hence the name of the title.  The rest of the episode is a complete mess, and there's no point in trying to figure it out.  Everyone runs around, and the gun gets stolen a few times.  At one point, Josie tries to seduce the robot, so she can get five feet away from him.

    At the end, our heroes perform their musical number again, which causes the robot (and not his clones) to dance. This lets our heroes know which one is the real robot.  That means the robot is captured, his lair is destroyed, and the Queen of the Cat People is safe.  It doesn't make any logical sense, but at that point, I didn't care.  I was just glad to see the episode finally come to an end.

    Wednesday, April 10, 2013

    Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thorton Hall

    Here's the brand new trailer for Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thorton Hall.

    You can pre-order the game now! I'm kind of scared, but I'm going to pre-order it.

    Tuesday, April 9, 2013

    Nancy Drew Game Lengths

    How long are the Nancy Drew games? I've done video walkthroughs for all of them, so let's see how long Youtube says it took me to beat them.  I rounded to the nearest five minute mark.

    1. Secrets Can Kill - 1:40
    1.5. Secrets Can Kill Remastered - 2:20
    2. Stay Tuned for Danger - 2:10
    3. Message in a Haunted Mansion - 2:10
    4. Treasure in the Royal Tower - 2:10
    5. Final Scene - 1:55
    6. Secret of the Scarlet Hand - 2:45
    7. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake 2:40
    8. The Haunted Carousel - 2:45
    9. Danger on Deception Island - 3:40
    10. The Secret of Shadow Ranch - 3:30
    11. Curse of Blackmoor Manor - 3:15
    12. Secret of the Old Clock - 3:45
    13. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon - 3:00
    14. Danger by Design - 3:20
    15. The Creature of Kapu Cave - 2:05
    16. The White Wolf of Icicle Creek - 4:00
    17. Legend of the Crystal Skull - 2:40
    18. The Phantom of Venice - 3:40
    19. The Haunting of Castle Malloy - 3:30
    20. Ransom of the Seven Ships - 2:30
    21. Warnings at Waverly Academy - 2:35
    22. Trail of the Twister - 4:05
    23. Shadow at the Water's Edge - 6:10
    24. Captive Curse - 4:30
    25. Alibi in Ashes - 4:00
    26. Tomb of the Lost Queen - 4:20
    27. The Deadly Device - 4:35

    Dossier Games:
    1. Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses - 2:45
    2. Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting to Danger - 3:30

    If I round to the nearest hour, the grand total of all the games combined is 100 hours.

    Monday, April 8, 2013

    A Nancy Drew Marathon?

    I have almost reached 30,000,000 views on Youtube.  That's 30 million views.

    My first thought was that I could celebrate with a Nancy Drew marathon.  For example, I could play three Nancy Drew games in a row.  It could work, depending on how long the games are.  I'd love to replay some of the games, like Phantom of Venice, which I haven't touched in five years.

    But then, I remembered that the 30th Nancy Drew game is going to be released next year.  And I was wondering, why don't I do a super Nancy Drew marathon?  You know, I could play all thirty games in a row.  That would be a lot of fun, even though it would take forever.

    Seriously, it would take forever.

    Anyway, that was just a thought I had.  I'll talk more about it tomorrow.  Speaking of tomorrow, that's when pre-orders for Ghost of Thorton Hall start!

    Sunday, April 7, 2013

    Beauty Lawyer Victoria

    Today, I played Beauty Lawyer Victoria. It's just like Phoenix Wright, except it's really, really bad.

    I feel kind of bad for this game. If it was translated by a person, and not Google Translate, it could be somewhat fun. I'm still debating whether or not to get the sequel to this game, which has multiple cases and improved graphics. Of course, the graphics still look like they were made in MS Paint...

    Saturday, April 6, 2013

    Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower

    The other day, I got a message about Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower.  Apparently, there are some scenes in that game, starring Lisa, which I completely missed out on.  Here's what the person said:
    I don't think that you made it in your walkthrough on the fourth game, but did you know that when you have Nancy check her voicemail, you can have a third one be from Lisa? If you talk to Lisa before you go outside to get the key to the tower gate, she will ask you about being in the library, though you can admit it or deny it. Then when you click on her again, she will say, "Well if it isn't Dexter's little Cinderella," and you don't have anything to discuss. But for the third time you try to talk to her, she will say, "Ever find out what Hotchkiss lost?", if you have Nancy say the first response, Lisa will get mad and refuse to talk to you anymore if you try to do so. But after you go outside to get the key and medallion from the garden, you can check your voicemail, and there will be three messages, the last one being from Lisa. Then she will tell you about Dexter going outside with the medallion with the green stone, and you can play the game like you would otherwise.
    That's certainly interesting information.  I guess I picked the wrong response somewhere, causing me to completely miss out on that phone call.  If I still had the game, I'd try replaying it to see this.

    Friday, April 5, 2013

    Next Video Walkthroughs

    The next video walkthroughs I'm doing will continue the alphabetical order trend.  These are...
    • Beauty Lawyer Victoria
    • Big Bird's Hide and Speak
    • Cate West: The Vanishing Files
    • Chaos: A Fantasy Adventure Game
    • Death Under Tuscan Skies: A Dana Knightstone Novel
    And that's it.  I'm going to stop the alphabetical gaming thing there, because it's kind of tough to do.  That and I can't think of games that start with "D" and "E", besides Duck Tales.

    Thursday, April 4, 2013

    General Hospital

    1. General Hospital is having its 50th anniversary this week.  There are many actors who have agreed to come back to the show, just for the occasion.  Unfortunately, the only "big name" celebrities we've seen so far are Richard Simmons and some guy from Dancing with the Stars.

    Where are all the celebrities who used General Hospital to help launch their careers?  I want to see John Stamos and Demi Moore.  Mark Hamill gave a nice "I loved acting on this show" quote that GH showed off on their Facebook page, but I doubt he's going to appear in person.

    2.  Some of the actors who wanted to return for the 50th anniversary technically couldn't return.  The characters they play are dead.

    To work around this problem, they had the characters come back, as ghosts.  That was a weird Tuesday.

    3. ABC has run a bunch of commercials, promoting the big 50th anniversary special.  All these commercials feature big musical numbers.  The week is already halfway over, and I have seen no musical numbers at all.  Maybe they're saving them all for Friday, or something.

    Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    Next Videogame Walkthrough

    I want to continue the trend of playing games in alphabetical order.  That means I'm going to need a game that starts with the letter "C".  Do you readers have any suggestions?

    Here are games that I have played, at one point or another:
    • Castlevania
    • Chaos: A Fantasy Adventure
    • Chrono Trigger
    • Cherry Tree High Comedy Club
    • Cima: The Enemy
    • Cult
    • Crystalis
    I should note that I anticipate technical issues with at least half of the games on this list, making it impossible for me to play them.

    Tuesday, April 2, 2013

    Dr. Who

    For April Fools Day, I wrote a humorous story about Dr. Who.  I've never seen his TV show, but I know basic details about him, because he (annoyingly) keeps popping up in stories that I read.  He always appears dreadfully incompetent, but I imagine he does a better job with the whole "time travel" thing on the TV show.


    Good, now all the people who watch my videos can stop asking if I like Dr. Who.

    Monday, April 1, 2013


    Here's a picture of me and my family's new dog, Buster.

    He doesn't like posing for pictures.