Friday, March 29, 2013

Ned Nickerson

The other day, I was wondering how Ned Nickerson became Nancy Drew's boyfriend.  Is there a Nancy Drew book where the two of them become a couple?  I know for a fact he wasn't a character in the early books of the Nancy Drew series.  Which book is the one that Ned first shows up in?  Does he become her boyfriend right away, or does that happen in another book?

I decided to look up the answer to my questions about Ned and...well, it's less exciting than I hoped.

In the original book series, Ned was a guy who spent a lot of time around Nancy.  And that's about it.  They're just friends who go out a lot.  When a new publishing company took over the Nancy Drew series in 1979, Ned got upgraded from "good friend" to "boyfriend".  I guess you could say Nancy and Ned sort of became a couple by default.  They went out on dates a lot in the first series, so the next set of publishers made them a couple.

...That is not the romantic story I was hoping for.


Anonymous said...

hmm your right thats not really romantic at all.Maybe you can make up your own story of how they got together or something hehehe an then post the story on your blog here.

Anonymous said...

Do you want to hear the (somewhat lengthy) story of how Nancy and NEd really met?

It could be titled something like: Nancy Drew and the Case of the Cute Car Thief.

That's right, car thief. A car thief.

Backstory: Nancy is at the crime scene, gabbing with the police, where suddenly somebody sets a house on fire behind their backs. Naturally, the place is in a state of confusion. Amidst all this, Nancy hears cries of "Stop! Stop!" from Bess and George. She turns around, and sees some dude driving her blue convertible away. She, naturally is very upset and jumps to the conclusion that Unnamed Dude is a car thief.


It turns out he was actually saving Nancy's car from burning/blowing up.

Of course, when Nancy found that out, she asked him his pardon, and the two of them hit it off just fine.

I thought it was a really amusing entrance to a steady character. Have Nancy Drew jump to the conclusion that he's a rotten crook!

Miss. Cellaneous said...

They way Nancy and Ned met wasn't all out romantic, but it was cue, funny, and showed how sweet Ned would end up being, and Ned ended up being AWESOME, and could be romantic with no effort (for example, the end of The Case of the Glowing Eye). I think they're story is perfect for their relationship :)

Anonymous said...

The other commenter is right. It was book 8, I think, when they began writing the ND books again. Nancy is at a house and it catches fire, and Ned steals her car to get away, but just down the block or so where he so causally returns it.

Anonymous said...

nancy and ned first became cople in The Clue in the Diary or thats when the first introduced him

Anonymous said...

Hi! Yeah, as others have said, there was a book called the Clue in the Diary where Ned shows up, at least in the original Nancy Drew series, and then they start dating. He's never referred to as Nancy's boyfriend though, just her friend that she dates, which is weird.
In the newer Nancy Drews, the story is that they've been friends since childhood and he is actually referred to as her boyfriend.
I wish they could've kept the story straight even though the Nancy Drews are apparently by multiple authors all under the same name. O_O You know Secrets Can Kill was a book? And Stay Tuned for Danger was loosely based on another one I think....
So many stories and so little time haha.