Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill (Chapter 21)

Here is Chapter 21 of my fanfic, Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Chill. Today, Nancy gets help from Aunt Eloise.


"I'm close to finishing this case," Nancy announced to Detective Beech. "I found one of Jake's videos, containing blackmail material for all the students."

"Good to know," Beech said. "Was there anything in the video about Cold Coffee Daryl?"

"Er, no," Nancy said. "But you saw the way Daryl ran out of here when I mentioned Jake to him. Jake was probably blackmailing him, too."

"Find out how Jake was blackmailing Daryl," Detective Beech said. "And find Jake's notebook! That's the only missing piece of evidence!"

"By the way, remember how Mitch Dillon threatened me?" Nancy asked. "Now he's trying to kill me. He led me into the boiler room, when it was about to explode!"

"Okay, we'll take Dillon into custody," Detective Beech reassured Nancy. "But we can't hold him there, without any hard evidence like Jake's notebook!"

"Why is this notebook so important?" Nancy asked. "For all we know, Jake used it to keep track of fantasy football scores or something."

"He didn't play fantasy football; he played dungeons and dragons," Detective Beech said. "They're pretty much the exact same thing, though. In any case, we won't know if the notebook is relevant or not, until you find it. So get going!"

"Yessir, Detective Steve!" Nancy said, saluting.

"That's Detective Beech," Beech said. "I mean, Uncle Steve. We're still working undercover."

"The diner is empty besides for us," Nancy said. "Do we really have to use code names?"

"Yes," Beech said. "Code names are cool."

"Then why don't I get a code name?" Nancy asked. "Everyone's been calling me by my real name."

"Only policemen get to have cool code names," Detective Beech said. "If you find the notebook, though, I'll see if I can get a code name for you."

Nancy got up and left the diner, muttering to herself about weird uncles who were obsessed with notebooks. On her way to Paseo Del Mar High School (or as the kids now called it, Paseo Del Murder), she got a text message from Aunt Eloise.

Nancy, the next puzzle you have to solve is kind of hard to figure out. You need to use all of the weird clues Jake left in the school.

Nancy texted back, You mean the clues like Hg:L3?

Exactly, Eloise texted back. Also, type in Jake's locker combo on the library search engine.

How do know all this? Nancy texted.

There's a copy of this game's strategy guide in the school library, Aunt Eloise texted. I read it one day when I was bored. Anyway, keep safe, and don't accidentally set off my home security system!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for using my suggestion ("Paseo Del Murder")!

Michael Gray said...

No problem! I know you made the suggestion many months ago, but I still remembered it and decided to use it.